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New products from Jia Dyi

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Jia Dyi have shared details of some of their new products:

Jia DyiCompact is the mainstream!

《We hereby proudly announce the full series of Maple Leaf® will be included in Jia Dyi’s agent products, we wait for your kindly inquiry.

Honorable client,

We had observed there is a trend in the airsoft circle, the need to conceal, portable, and the reduced version are just on the run. ICS CXP-YAK focused on its two short barrel versions; though Detonics .45 is not the first choice but definitely been popular for its size; reduced version also brings the merit of low price, Xcortech’s XTS-105 and Aimtop’s green gas all response to the call for miniaturization.

ICS CXP-YAK series AEGs【ICS-410/411/412/413】

Dedicated to innovation, ICS has just launched the CXP-YAK series AEGs in Dec. CNC-machined aero-pace aluminum rail and receivers, the CXP-YAK series own a neat and light shape. Born for CQB fighters, ICS-410 series and 413 series both installed with 263mm inner barrels, only they differ in the length of tactical rails. As a standard rifle, the ICS-411 series owns 375mm inner tube and retractable battery stock like the carbine/CQB version. For sharp shooter, you can choose the sniper rifle version, ICS-412, with adjustable cheek pad. Internal gearbox setting were 120mps.(395fps.), can be adjusted according to client’s regional velocity restriction.


ARMY R45 Detonics .45 gas pistol【GP-CH-R45/-ST/-DT/-BG】

Since Marui had launched its Denotics .45, Matrix and ARMY have followed. With full metal receiver and barrel, ARMY successfully attracts consumers’ eyeballs not just because of its subcompact size, but also with friendly price. Jia Dyi provided 4 versions, whether it is silver or golden barrel in black finishing【GP-CH-R45A1/-BG】, sliver slide with black frame【GP-CH-R45A1-ST】, or black slide with desert-coating frame【GP-CH-R45A1-DT】, the so-called “mini .45(or 1911)” are very suitable for lady or purely for collectors’ tactile impression.


Xcortech Electronic Target System【XTS-105】

Whether it is for the hobbyists to experience the shooting fun indoors or the airsoft store to expand its business model to run a fee-based recreational facility, an automated target system like XTS-105 is what you need. Xcortech provides two versions:LED panel, startup button, 12 targets, adapter and cables will be included in the full set version, while the reduced version owns the advantage of low price for the beginners.


AIMTOP 250ml 12kg portable green gas

Always think for the war-gamer in the battlefield, the AIMTOP issued the compact bottle to accommodate its prestigious 12kg green gas with the highest bottling standard of MSDS. Jia Dyi also carries its well-known 12kg 1100ml【GS-1100】and recently restocked with the rare, hi-power 16kg 2000ml green gas【GS-02】.With special non-CFC formula contained a drop of silicon-oil inside, AIMTOP green gas can protect the O-ring and show friendly to the environmental protection.


When asking why to make a deal with a distributor like Jia Dyi?We can provide the most wide selection, flexible combination, and sincere suggestion to meet your variety procurement need. We always think from the stands of small/medium stores who had been suffered from the MOA requirement from factories. Besides we also setup a whole set of SOP to deal with premier clients’ need, whether it is a bulky procurement or OEM business. Contact us today and let’s start at sales@jiadyi.com.

(Jia Dyi)

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