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Jia Dyi & Maple Leaf

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Jia Dyi are now working with Maple Leaf:

Jia DyiIt’s time to review your airsoft gears.

Honorable Clients
At the end of 2017, we thank you for your long-term support so that Jia Dyi can be here to serve you for more than 25 years.

People always said the winter is the toughest time for airsofters and stores, but it is also a time to plan and review your gears to see if they need to be fixed or upgraded. Jia Dyi has found a final piece of puzzle to complete our service with the help of Maple Leaf®.

Maple Leaf Monster®/Transformer®/Hot Shot® hop up rubbers

Maple Leaf has long been enjoyed it fame in the patented hopup rubber design, Monster® series. With the inside rubber of diamond construct, the precise position and cumulative pressure of BB to perform its backspin make it the best choice for long range shooting. With the delta structure, the single point gives the BBs excellent grouping. In 2016, Maple Leaf® improved the air-seal by a metal ring on GBB hopup rubber, and launched the colorful series named “Transformer®”, the original diamond construct was transformed into the Autobot series, and the other Decepticons series.

Compared to metal ring, it added four ridges on AEG hopup rubbers to enhance air-seal effect. The hybrid hopup rubbers that can be used both upon GBBs and AEGs were named “Hot shot®” because of its miniature.


Maple Leaf Upgraded parts for VSR sniper gun

VSR has long been viewed as the industrial standard of spring powered gun in the industry. Many manufacturers imitated its design and issued VSR replicas. Maple Leaf provides more than 95% of the stock parts with reinforced material and thoughtful ideas to glory this legendary gun. If you need a final solution to upgrade your VSR, the Maple Leaf will always be the first choice and provide complete sets.


Poseidon’s short length in Air-cushion® inner barrel and softer hopup rubber

With the popularity of subcompact AEG, the Poseidon has just announced the 110mm and 141mm Air-cushion® tubes into its family. Along with 92mm for gas pistol and 172mm for GBB SMG, Poseidon gradually builds a circle to blockade the traditional tighter tube with technological component in the aftermarket. Also a 50 degree of GBB hopup rubber was introduced to the market, the softer material provide more adhesive to wrap the lighter BBs to generate backspin and cumulate enough dynamic for hopup effect in lower FPS.


We are very proudly to announce the master of aerodynamics, the Maple Leaf, has committed to supply its full series through Jia Dyi. We will gradually strengthen the agent portfolio to provide better service to clients. Like “Just Dependable”, Jia Dyi will continue to introduce you dependable and quality airsoft merchandise to meet your interests. Call Jia Dyi at sales@jiadyi.com right now to see what will be our idea for you today!

(Jia Dyi)

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