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Plan Beta camera @Land Warrior Airsoft

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Land Warrior Airsoft have shared detail of the Plan Beta Tactical I.C.U 2.0 HD RIS mounted camera they are stocking:

Land Warrior Airsoft are now stocking the Plan Beta Tactical I.C.U 2.0 HD RIS mounted camera. This HD ready camera comes with everything you need to capture those heroic moments during battle so you can share them with your friends! At the press of a button this camera can capture either still photos or video in 720p resolution.

plan-beta-i-c-u-2-0-hd-ris-mounted-camera-p8486-13908_image (1)plan-beta-i-c-u-2-0-hd-ris-mounted-camera-p8486-13909_imageplan-beta-i-c-u-2-0-hd-ris-mounted-camera-p8486-13912_image

HD video resolution (720p)
5 MPixels Photo resolution
Suitable for pistols and rifles (mount included)
Image’s 180º auto-flip function
Burst photo mode (3 photos per second)
Recharge & Record function
USB cord and rubber band included
Memory: micro SD card 8 Gb to 32 Gb (8GB included)
170 mAh Lithium battery included

(Land Warrior Airsoft)

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