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A2 Supplies: Long range plastic slinging

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Here is the latest stock news from A2 Supplies:

Long Range Plastic Slinging!

Feel like trying you luck with some long distance shooting? Perhaps you’re growing tired of running around and prefer a more back-seat approach? Maybe you just want to be one with nature? Have you ever considered Sniping? Luckily for you we currently stock a variety of Long Barrel Bolt Action Plastic Slingers perfect for those of you who want to buy a Sniper (Rifle!)

Amoeba Striker S1:

Currently in stock we have the Amoeba Striker S1 Sniper rifle range! Available in a variety of colors these modern sniper rifles were designed from the ground up with Airsoft in mind. The AMOEBA Striker sniper rifle system is a compact, precise and advanced Airsoft Sniper rifle system. These rifles are light weight, highly maneuverable. Perfect for both beginners and experienced users. What makes these Sniper rifles unique is just how modular they are; Perfect for a number of scenarios, the rifle can be configured to suit your needs! Short Barrel and Low FPS Spring for close quarters? Consider it done! Ready to go straight out of the box, there is very little you need to do with these rifles!

Alongside them we also stock a huge variety of Striker Accessories such as Muzzle Breaks, Short barrels, Magazines, Upgrade Springs, Enhanced Stocks and much much more!Feel like its time to give your striker a makeover? then look no further!

Sniper RiflesSniper Rifles-2Sniper Rifles-3

Double Eagle:

For those of you on more of a budget we have the DE M61 and M62 sniper rifles! These rifle are perfect for those of you thinking of trying your luck as an Airsoft Marksman!

Sniper Rifles-4

Despite being somewhat lightweight, this replica still boasts a full metal barrel and upper receiver asembly combined with a lightweight plastic lower. Despite this however the bolt action is smooth and the performance is out of this world! The Upper Receiver is railed for the attachment of scopes. The M61 Model features a traditional swivel Stud which accepts Harris style Bi-pods, whereas the M62 stock features a small underside rail. The M62 Model also features an adjustable cheek riser on the butt stock. Feeding from a detachable 20 Round magazine, this sniper rifle is best when used with heavier grade ammunition. The Hop Up is also adjustable just like any other airsoft sniper rifle!

But Wait, What if people get close?

Of course alot of site rules specify Minimum engagement distances (MED) for Sniper Rifles to prevent injuries, so what happens when someone gets a bit too close for comfort? Before you poke them with your sniper rifle barrel how about you transition to something better suited for close encounters?

BO shotguns 1

We’ve got your back with the new BO Manufacture FABARMS STF12 Shotguns in Stock! Avaliable in 3 different lengths, these futuristic looking boomsticks are perfect for people getting up close and personal! Running of the tried and tested spring powered tri-shot system means these guns pack a punch with every pull of the trigger! With a solid polymer construction, not only are they lightweight but also very sturdy. With Picatinny rails running along the top for accessories, these shotguns also feature a pump mounted rail which is perfect for torches/foregrips. If you’re after a shotgun, but feel the need to stand out from the crowd then the BO STF12 is the gun for you!

So maybe its time to step up your game? Check out these awesome Spring guns and more over on our website: www.a2supplies.co.uk

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