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A2 Supplies: More long distance loving

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A2 Supplies have shared details of some of the Designated Marksman’s rifles they stock:

More Long Distance Loving!

That’s right! This week we are continuing our love for some long distance pew sticks! Feel like bolt action is just a little bit too slow? Maybe you’d prefer more shots on target? Maybe you’d be better off with a Designated Marksman’s Rifle (DMR) Here’s some fancy Examples of what we have in stock and what you can do with them!

Amoeba AM-016 Custom:

Kicking things off we have some fantastic weapons from Amoeba Airsoft! Some of you may be asking why Amoeba? Because of its Programmable Gearbox! These rifles right out of the box are able to be easily programmed via an Amoeba ECU Box (Sold Separately) Simply plug it into the guns battery terminal with the battery into the Control unit, and lock your weapon to Semi Automatic at the push of a button! The AM-016 AM-016 2was a good platform as we felt its long keymod front end gave it a more modern and menacing appearance. Adding a Nuprol Multi-function Bi-Pod up front for use when static shooting, alongside a PEQ unit on the side to provide a light and laser. Optics wise we chose the cool Nuprol 1.25-5×26 IR optic which can be easily magnified if targets get too close for comfort! This optic can also be illuminated either Red, Green or Blue for use in low light situations! With this weapon we actually swapped the lower Receiver with another Amoeba – The AM-009 (Also Featured) to give us a stock tube on which we mounted the Slong Weapon Stock! Providing an extra magazine close by for quick reloads!

AM-016 1

Amoeba AM-009 Custom:

Another gun we felt would make a good DMR is the Amoeba AM-AM009 2009 Rifle! Although shorter in profile compared to the AM-016 we felt it would still hold its ground as an intermediate rifle! Despite having its lower receiver swapped with the AM-016 we felt the Skeletonised retractable stock resulted in an incredible lightweight rifle! Perfect for quick movements around the field looking for targets! Once again the programmable gearbox is a great starting point with this rifle, from there we moved onto Aesthetics – The Rail system up front has a easy to use Nuprol RIS mounted Bi-Pod! A great attachment for those of you who want to support your rifle when shooting! Up top we have used a Milbro Scope with a reflex sight mounted onto the RIS Rail ontop.

AM009 1

Nuprol AK21 DMR:

Next up we have the weird but wonderful Nuprol AK21 Platform. Feeding from those oh so familiar M4/AR Style Magazines, the AK21 Platform boasts a far more aggressive and DMR AK21 2unique looking upper receiver and rail system. With quad rails up front for all kinds of accessories and Bi-Pods and a Rail up top for Optics. On this rifle we have a Nuprol COG 4×32 Scope with Dr Sight for some close range engagements. With this rifle we have swapped out the standard retractable crane stock for a adjustable PRS style stock better suited for precision shooting! Although this weapon cannot be programmed like the Amoebas, the Nuprol AK21 features a micro switched trigger which provides far better trigger response in comparison to some older mechanical trigger mechanisms making it another great contender to be a DMR rifle.

DMR AK21 1

JG T3 Rifle:

Some might call it an Oddball, we call it a classic! The G3 Battle Rifle platform is well known for being a generally long weapon system – Perfect for use as a Long distance Rifle! In Store we carry the JG T3 rifle, A slightly more affordable rifle for those on a budget! Despite its mostly Polymer construction, this rifle is still fairly rigid with a full metal barrel which helps give it some heft! With a Bi-Pod built into the rifles front end, it merely needs a HK Style Claw/Scope Mount and an optic and you’re all set! The optic we used was actually a replica of a Leupold CQT scope provided by a member of staff.

T3 1

So next time you see that guy waving at you on the field thinking he’s out of your range, you can prove him wrong! Check out these great DMR base platform rifles and many more over on our Website: www.a2supplies.co.uk

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