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Jia Dyi: The best gear for fighters in night raids

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Jia Dyi have shared details of some new products which are particularly suited to night raids:

Honorable Clients,

WE has launched its fourth pistols in the first three months in 2018, although all focused on M92 replicas. Well-known in speed chronographs, Xcortech will show its capabilities in electronic engineering to bring traditional AEGs to the next level. AIMTOP also demonstrates its commonality strategy in quality consumables, this time with tracer BBs. At the end, not all the BBs speedloaders are the same, 6mm Proshop brings concise design to add more colors into your tactical gears.

WE M902 gas pistol

clip_image002After the HEX pistol models of M92 in Feb., WE will make its 4th shot again in M9 in March. The said M902 is installed with silver outer barrel, enlarged hammer, two-side ergonomic safety switching levers, handgrip with anti-slippery carvings, slightly modified trigger guard and magazine release catch, in the end, the most two significant changes are the carved lower frame (instead of Picartinny rail?) and rear sight which looks as if it comes from its samurai edge models (instead of traditional notch type?).

Xcortech XT301 Compact Airsoft Tracer Unit/XT501 Tracer Unit X3300W Mk2 Advance BBs Control System

clip_image004Xcortech will bring its latest electronic devises to escalate hobbyists’ airsoft guns with technological advance in IWA, 2018 in Germany. Traditional long silencer does not quite match with pistol in terms of conceal and portable requirements unless the gunner wants to increase the muzzle velocity by extension of inner barrel. Compact XT301, powered by lithium battery and mini-USB plug, can charge night glow BBs through just a 5cm conduit. Furthermore, it owns motion sensor to auto on/off, and a CCW adapter, so it is also perfect to be built upon rifles.

Another flagship is a bundled product XT501, a BBs control system including a longer muzzle flammer, X3300W Mk2, and a MOSFET circuit board. XT501 works as a center, it can run calculations as to ROF, FPS/MPS, Ammo counting(including countdown), monitoring AEG’s battery and programmable burst firing mode when wireless connecting with the MOSFET module. This hi-end, totally integrated with scientific elements can turn your plain AEGs full with modernity.

AIMTOP 6mm precision Night Glow BBs【BO-20G20/-23G20/-25G20/-25G38/-28G20/-30G20/-32G20】


Compounded with luxury advanced long-term luminous powder, AIMTOP supplies all kinds of weight from 0.2/0.23/0.25/0.28/0.30/0.32gws in Non-Bio or virgin PLA as bio-degradable becomes popular among European customs/environmental requirements. In addition to green pellets, AIMTOP also provides red and orange alternatives for people may want to distinguish whether the hits come from friendly fire or foe. Except for the last two scarce choices, we provide MOQ=1 carton for trial order with finite chance, don’t miss it.


6mm Proshop M4 magazine style BBs speedloader【GT-01/(G)/(O)/(B)/(C)/(Br)】

Wargamers with M4/M16 series as their main weapon will need correspond BB arsenal to match with tactical gear like vest and backpack to come along with standard magazines. The patented design shown in details such like a hidden pumping to fuel the pellets into empty magazines, the metal ring on the BB outlet to increase precision operation and hence its service life, and a detachable protective plate. 6mm proshop gives varieties of choice in colors including semi-transparent green/orange/blue/clear/smoky/brown. The capacity is said to be around 450 rds. Durable and heavy in hands, another exquisite made in Taiwan that GBBR lovers simply cannot miss.


Jia Dyi in Taiwan carries many quality products in agent portfolio. Just a simple contact, and let us know your need, Jia Dyi will instantly provide solutions regarding different brands and advices to meet your requests. We focus on the broadest commonality to introduce agent products, always provide you the hot selling with reasonable prices and integrated services. We keep downsizing in organization and improving the process to bring you competitive quotations and speedy response, we are proud of being your account officer in this filed. It’s true, try us today at sales@jiadyi.com.

(Jia Dyi)

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