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Jia Dyi: Born for wargamers

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Jia Dyi have shared details of some of their products:

Jia DyiBorn for WarGamers

Honorable client,

Quality has long been the strength of Taiwan BB gun manufacturers, they insist on using virgin plastic raw material to build durable structure, and are proud of the unique air-seal and gasification technologies applied upon Airsoft merchandise. The precision mold and quality control system have built the prestigious fame of Taiwan BB manufactures. Even with plastic construction, the gun still performs well and reliable under war game.

SRC SR4 series Sporty AEGs【SR4 ST-ALPHA/BETA/DELTA L/DELTA M/Mamba P1/Mamba P2】


Everything is different since the SRC introduced a brand new CIS and launched its SR4 AEG series. With 6mm metal bearing/metal gearbox and 330 fps muzzle velocity, SRC SR4s aimed for the entry-level hobbyists who do not want to compromise on quality but with budget concern. Each carton only contains 3pcs, so it becomes the first choice to own varieties and economical consideration for the convenience of most small-medium shop.

HFC M11 Gas blow-back SMG【HGA-203】


Another fantastic war game weapon for budget player, the HFC M11 owns a blow back function on this sport edition. With a metal retractable stock and metal outer barrel in appearance, its reinforced polymer body brings a wonderful recoil feel, no matter in semi-auto or full-auto modes. Attached with detachable a silencer, its inexpensive price is irresistible for gamers to buy two and hold them in each hand.

HFC T77 Gas blow-back SMG【HGA-203ZX】

Considering the famous M11A1 variant is also adopted by Taiwanese special force and Police, HFC produces this full metal replica to salute the model. HFC offers plastic gun cases for all its quality gun products, it save the cost for gamers to accommodate and carry their arsenal.


KWC M11 CO2 6mm SMG【KC-55HN】/ CO2 4.5mm SMG【KM-55HN】


We bring customers with more choices in M11A1, like KWC based on CO2 system. Air-soft gun based on CO2 is believed to be more economical because of better vaporization and hence the effectiveness in each magazine. Its soft spot is NBB system, but with less movable parts, the reliability may also be improved even though still with a plastic body, and also it reflects on inexpensive price for beginners. Jia Dyi also provides KSC/KWA solution,【GP410】, with the 2nd version in gasification system, the GBB SMG is believed the best choice and enjoys premium price in M11A1, it also has to be so.

Jia Dyi has been proving that we carry the widest agent brands which can handle any request from market segments. Not just single product, we will share you the insight regarding how to build a suitable sales portfolio. Call us at sales@jiadyi.com let us know more about you.

(Jia Dyi)

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