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Nemesis Arms Inc: protecting their Vanquish design

by Arnie

Nemesis Arms have sent over a letter and asked of for it to be published. The letter details how they intend to protect their product line and intellectual property from unauthorised copies:

Nemesis Arms, Inc



TEL: (270)749-2180 FAX: (270)749-2182

To whom it may concern,

My name is David Ives of Nemesis Arms. My wife and I own and have operated our small company for many years. We have designed and manufacture the finest take down sniper rifles, named the Vanquish and others similar models. We work hard and pride ourselves in the firearms industry. Our Vanquish model is used and well respected in many professional agencies. It has come to our attention that Ares airsoft of Hong Kong has produced our Vanquish rifle with no regard of respect to our intellectual property.

We do not condone this action and we would like to bring this matter to the public attention.

Thank you for understanding.

David Ives, (President, Nemesis Arms, Inc)

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