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Firesupport P226 and tritium sights

by Arnie

Frank, (Firesupport) has just taken stock of the P226 as well today and only have eight left:

Firesupport today took delivery of 24 Marui P226’s today at 10am on Tuesday 19th April.
16 pistols have already been sent to happy customers leaving 8 remaining at 100 including FREE postage.

P226 Spare magazine will be available from 27th April 2005 (25).

For 30 Firesupport are also adding Tritium glow in the dark sights to these and any other pistols / AEGs that can have them fitted. If you are interested in having some fitted to either new or old guns please email us with which gun you want them fitting to and we will tell you if it is possible. Return postage will be beween 5 and 10 depending on weight of gun sent to us (Tel: 01733 247171 Email:
Frank, (Firesupport)

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