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MadBull in at AirsoftScotland

by Arnie

Click here to visit Airsoft ScotlandSteve over at Airsoft Scotland has dropped in word from them that they are now stocking Mad Bull products too. Having tested the slug model out myself (shot and been shot) I can vouch for it being an impressive bit of kit; it sure packs a fair whollop on propane at eight meters that’s for sure. The rest of the MadBull range are of equal good build quality come highly recommened. Here’s what Steve had to say:

Mad Bull Gas Grenades:
Brand new from Mad Bull are these seriously funky new gas grenades. The come in a variety of, err, interesting colours and different sizes. There is even a solid ‘training’ grenade.

Build quality is excellent as are the anodised finishes.

The manufacturer recommends the use of lower powered gasses (e.g 134a) however performance appears to be excellent on these.

Damn – these things look soooo good, even Frenchie is considering mounting a 203 under his Fagas just so he can join in too!

Price: 55.00 (Including: VAT at 17.5%) Steve (Airsoft Scotland)

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