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New gear from Lee at Airsoft Armoury

by Arnie

Click here to visit Airsoft ArmouryLee has sent over some more news from AirsoftArmoury Ltd including shots of the latest Guay Guay gear:

Loads of new stuff in store:First up we have the G&G M14. This really is a very lovely and solid bit of kit. It comes out of the box doing 300-310fps, accuracy is superb and the fire rate is awesome at about 900-1000rpm. Very nice features include a huge battery compartment in the stock that will quite frankly swallow any battery you through into it. The hop chamber access a very nice feature, which is similar to that of a lot of Marui guns in that you cock the bolt back and hold to adjust the hop wheel. The main difference is that the bolt unit is all metal and cocks and returns like the real thing. All of this and it comes with a 470rnd hicap mag.

Price- 379.99
Additional 470rnd mag price- 27.99

More from G&G: We now have the UMP folding stock for MP5 and G3 variants. These are constructed in a very solid fiber reinforced nylon and comes with an optional sling swivel pin set and a fast takedown pin that fastens the stock to the receiver. Price- 62.99

GR16 SOPMOD Tactical stock This stock fits all Marui based M16/M4 variants (CA, G&G, G&P.). The main body is all metal construction which adds a lot of weight to whichever gun you fit it on. It has a two position slide lock and comes with a neoprene cheek cover and optional left or right sided sling swivel pin set. Price- 82.99

Also in back in stock from G&G
GP 6II tactical pack- full set inc- flip up cover with anti-shatter insert, weaver mount ring, touch pad control as well as on/off end cap, allen keys and a set of Lithium batteries. Price- 79.99. LS 680 tactical laser set fits practically any rail framed pistol. Price- 39.99

And last but certainly not least
Airsoft Armoury are proud to introduce the Madbull range of Airsoft gear. In stock now we have their 40mm grenade gas shells. These come in a variety of models and loads to suit every taste. The built quality and finish is simply breath-taking. Internally, a lot of problems experienced with other types of shells has been greatly improved with upgraded reset spring/seals and a no waste refill pin valve.

Power wise, we tested them on Green gas and they are VERY powerful.
Due in any day – Missile shell (nerf type), 8mm 60shot shell, and rubber slug shell.
Also due for a May release is the Model 470 C02 semi auto VII gear box conversion.
Many more great items TBA. Lee, (AirsoftArmoury Ltd)

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