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Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 36 2018

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Hi, Arnies,

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

We’re back after a week off and we have four events coming up for you over the next two weekends!

We have our usual FilmSim weekender at Tuddenham – we will be playing our Hunger Battles with the FilmSim ruleset.  Teams will battle over regular resource drops and try to survive the session with the correct amount of resources.  With bandages and limited ammo, as well as long scenarios, our FilmSim games offer more engagement and realism than your average skirmish.

For those who have been asking – next month’s FilmSim weekend at Tuddenham will be a Division themed one again – these are popular, so get booking!

We are also putting on a one-off skirmish day at our Eversley site this Sunday.  Featuring shorter games, faster respawns and lots of action, these games are a very different feel to the FilmSim events we usually run at this site.  Advance walk-on spaces are available at a discount if booked before Friday night at £20 – walk-on tickets on the day will be the usual £25.  Rental sets are also available (pre-book for half-price ammo and guaranteed availability).

Next weekend We have the usual monthly open FilmSim event at Eversley – the story will be up on Facebook later today for those who are interested.

Russian (red force) tickets for the 24hr MilSim “Descent” at Tuddenham next weekend are still available, but British (blue force) ticket sales have now closed.  If you are still interested in coming, we have Russian loan kit available, so don’t be afraid to book Russian!

Tuddenham Calendar, Eversley Calendar

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