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Want to stock Kanzen products?

by Arnie

image Kanzen Airsoft are looking for distributors and retailers looking to stock their products:

Dear Airsoft Enthusiasts,

We are proud to announce the official release of our website dedicated to Kanzen Airsoft products.

Known all around the world as the number one as far as quality is concerned.

Our website explains the technological differences between our two Series, Classic and Synergie, as well as giving a list of where Kanzen Airsoft products can be found. You will also find some very cool desktop wallpapers!

image image image

We welcome any importer and any shop to become a Kanzen Distributor. Please remind we have the world’s largest lineup for AEGs and AEPs Ball Bearings Sets, and that there is no MOQ to start selling our products.

Any Kanzen Bearing has a 90 days warrantee.

We wish you all a Happy New Year!  (Kanzen Airsoft)

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