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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 31, 2013

by Arnie
  • Airsoft GI – Tactical Response Unleashed Military and LEO Training Facility and Airsoft Field
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    After TvB 4, AirsoftGI visited Tactical Response Unleashed (TRU) in Richmond, VA. They were very gracious, and gave Bob and Jet an opportunity to run through their program. TRU is a military and law enforcement training facility that opens its doors to airsoft over the weekends. Fortunately for Airsoft GI, TRU is located very close to the East Coast Store! Be sure to check out their website!

    Tactical Response Unleashed
    3701 Hendricks Road
    Midlothian, VA 23112

    (804) 893-1TRU


  • ◀War Thunder – First Person Flight
    I challenge my self to some fulltime cockpit perspective in War Thunder!

    Play FREE – http://www.warthunder.com

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    ◀Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/sidestrafe

  • Airsoft 1911s and S&W M10 Slow Motion
    Slow Motion of various airsoft 1911s and a Marushin model 10 Smith and Wesson.
  • NBR Field, WA – TAG- March 30th, 2013 -ASTKilo23-
    This was the first game of the day. Watch the intro for game details and rules, and info on the gun I used. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 3 with a head strap mount.
  • Haley Strategic Darkness Solutions
    Travis demonstrates the abilities of popular flashlights/weaponlights and the considerations for lights when it comes to tactics. He also addresses the popular question asked "Why do you have momentary only on the Inforce HSP WML?"
  • Snake Eye Airsoft Mesh Mask Review
    Today we have the video review of the Snake Eye Style Mesh Airsoft Mask; overall, this mask was a lot better than I thought it would be. Built out of plastic and a few metal pieces, the mask is overall very comfortable and fits well, only being a little bulky on the sides. The real advantage to this is it’s wider mesh lens, which allows for a wider field of view. Overall, not a bad mask, the dangers of mesh set aside. Buy it here: http://www.airsoftpark.com/tactical-full-face-mask-protection-snake-tb560-p-11078.html
    Thanks for watching!
  • The Cove: To be Held May 17-19, 2013 In Gore, Virginia
    This is a 24 hour, force-on-force, objective oriented, continuous combat simulation at The Cove Campground in Gore, Virginia. This unique piece of terrain has been used by the United States Marine Corps, SEAL Team 6, the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency in preparations for deployments worldwide.

    Events to be held: 17 – 19 May 2013 AND 21 – 22 September 2013

    All participants must pre-register.


  • How to Make a Bankei Bar Bracelet by TIAT
    [Book] PFT – Vol. 1: http://tinyurl.com/cf48pw3 iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/8oxjmw4 Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/8clfs8h Nook: http://tinyurl.com/8znongt The Bankei Bar is a new technique I’ve been toying around with. Generating a firm, interlocking oval pattern akin to a modified Snake Knot, the design is nevertheless very different than any tie I’ve shown before (historical or fusion). Presented here in the bar’s original form, be sure to hang on for the "Challenge Tie" at the end of the video. In short, I show an image of the Divided Bankei Bar. Take what you learn here and information gained from past videos and see if you can make it! Video production by J.D. Lenzen of Tying It All Together.
  • Airsoft GI – Top 5: Tim vs. Bob 4 and 4.5 Special Edition
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    Due to the awesomeness of TvB 4 and TvB 4.5, Bob and Tim wanted to go through some of their favorite things from the weekend. From the set up to the individual players, there were so many stand out players and people, and we wanted to give a shout out to some of the people who made this weekend great.

  • AirSplat – G&G R8-L Combat Machine M4 Airsoft AEG – Infidel Airsoft Team Guest Review
    G&G R8-L Combat Machine M4 Airsoft AEG B

    AirSplat’s sponsored team reviews the G&G R8-L Combat Machine M4 Airsoft AEG!
    Be sure to like their page and and subscribe to their Youtube Channel!

  • Evike TV – Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel Fan Film (Behind the Scenes)
    Evike.com provides movie props all the time to both big and small productions. Here is a behind the scenes shot from our Evike.com crew of the Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel Fan Film "Close to Home."

    The film can be found at:



  • Revision WolfSpider Goggle Promotion/Teaser
    Revision Military is having a sale until April 5th! Pick up a pair of their WolfSpider Goggles and get a free gift with the purchase (dead rags, lens cleaners, etc.). Also, use coupon code "WOLF" to get 30% off a purchase of any eye protection. These goggles appear very nice, as one would expect and seem to be a bit sleeker than my other pair. Check out their site here:
    FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DeathCoreAirsoft-YouTube/230444016972799
    Thanks for watching!
  • Going Up Against A Drone
    Click here to see what this is all about: http://bit.ly/YPesIb
    Mobile iPhone and Android users click here: http://bit.ly/10kNdoM

    We’ll be the first to admit that we haven’t uploaded a video in a while, BUT this is why….

    Join Us:
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  • King Arms Colt M4A1 GBBR – PyramydAir.com
    Buy the King Arms Colt M4A1 GBBR:

    Buy extra magazines:

    Shop: https://www.pyramydair.com/airsoft

    Read: http://airsoft-guns-blog.pyramydair.com

    Like: http://www.facebook.com/PyramydAirsoft

    Follow: http://www.twitter.com/PyramydAir

    Tominator created a slideshow to show off all the features packed into the King Arms Colt M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle.

    All music created by Daniel Barachkov, used with permission.

  • Airsoft GI – PTT Block 3 Full Metal M4 Daniel Defense Piston Omega RIS AEG Airsoft Gun
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    PTT Block 3: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=11635

    The Airsoft GI PTT Block 3 is another blend of ultra realism from the Airsoft GI Tech Department. The Daniel Defense Piston Omega 7" Free Float RIS is specifically designed for carbines that feature a piston driven gas recoil system as opposed to the traditional gas impingement. To compliment this fabulous rail system is one piece outer barrel and a King Arms Gas Piston Block with a railed top, the attention to detail on this custom gun is unparalleled. On top of the railed gas piston block is a UTG detachable front sight and at the end of the barrel is a Madbull JP flash hider that flows well with the gun’s look. Another great addition to the look of this gun is the King Arms Tactical QD Rear Sight. This gun is wired to the rear and to the battery wires are safely hidden within the buffer tube and the adjustable crane stock. The base gun that this gun is built from is the famous Echo 1 Platinum M4 AEG which is OEM’d by VFC. VFC has one of the best reputations in the airsoft industry for high build quality and materials. Most of the gun is made from high quality aluminum so that they are durable and lightweight. The internals are top notch with VFC’s self-shimming gears, ball bearing spring guide and polymer piston. PTT stands for Perfect Tactical Trainer, an airsoft gun designed to be so realistic it can be used for real steel training.

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