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Keith has emailed in from RedWolf with the latest news highlights from the guys there, including a nice dual tone P226, Wiley glasses/goggles and a custom auto-winding mag for the M14 series:

1.Tokyo Marui M14 440rd MagazineThe LATEST marui M14 440rd hi-cap magazine in our stock now.

2. RWC Dual Tone P226 (Full Metal) Super handsome dual-tone P226 as used by John Travolta in the famous movie Face Off (1997) directed by John Woo. Full aircraft aluminum construction with very detailed engravings and smooth action!

3. Wiley X Glasses & Googles – We are the authorized distribution agent of Wiley X glasses & goggle, please come to our website www.redwolfairsoft to get the one suitable for your own style.

4. RWC Auto-Winding 800rd Dual Magazine for Marui M14 SUPER HOT PRODUCT released!! Hi-capa auto-winding dual magazine for Marui M14, you just need to loading bbs by pressing the pressure switch, very easy and fast. Keith Ng, (RedWolf)

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