Forum bug: permission issues (temp fixed)

A bug has crept into the forums over the past 24/48hrs (see here) that has meant that the forum permissions which is what defines a user can see and not see in the forums has appeared. The net result is that at present a collection of forums are invisible to regular users.

This is now a known issue and the staff and admins are working on it. We’ve also got the software creators looking at it to fix the issue now.

I’m staying up till it’s fixed as I have to be around and awake to ensure it’s fixed/sorted.

I might fall asleep on the keyboard, but when I wake up I’ll add an update when things are fixed, or I know more.

Update@ 01:07 I’ve manually set the permissions for all forums for regular and new members in the forums by hand. With luck that’s all issues fixed for 99.9% of users. Any problems, please email report it on the board in the first instance, or email me direct at

The issue is that we’ve now discovered a bug because of the size of our forum where we have so many forums that there’s a memory error in the code from the manufacturer that causes the permissions to blank out if we set them in bulk using their code. This means that once the bug was found we had to re-add everything manually. We are waiting on a fix for their code in the next 24/48hrs so we can again return to bulk changes in permissions to make our lives easy…

On this day..

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