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18th Jan: Upgrades in progress…

by Arnie

Don’t worry if you find blank pages or error messages in the news or forums occasionally, upgrades are currently in progress at the moment.

We’ll be online while the work is completed, so the odd thing will look odd while the updates are completed.

So far I’ve updated the core software to the news system which has prompted a complete rebuild of the site design. The old front page theme used deprecated code (old) which quite simply doesn’t work with the new core systems. The forums are completely rebuilt and should be working just fine.

There’s lots for me to tweak and get how we would like it and now we are finally running the new software I can get upgrades done that I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Do bear with and if you spot anything you would like changed, is obviously broken, or just feel the need to send me us email!

UPDATE 1500GMT: I’ve got a working shell up and running but we’ve got a long way to go so do bear with me. I’ve also been digging out old artwork so I can make a start on the new images for the new layout as it develops. The updates are being applied to the site whilst live to keep it all working well for everyone.

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