Epowersports – an introduction

Elliot Takane (EpowerSportsLLC) dropped in a line to introduce his company based in Hawaii. The video inset that they sent over shows the level of some of their custom gear (remember that this isn’t a UK store so the power levels can go somewhat higher):

Epowersports -Custom Airsoft Guns

Aloha from Hawaii! Epowersports is a custom airsoft gun shop located in Honolulu, Hawaii that specializes in building high performance custom airsoft AEGs, sniper bolt-action rifles & gas powered pistols for the serious & advanced airsoft player. We can build field legal (350-400 fps) guns all the way up to extreme FPS (650fps – AEGs / 750+fps – Bolt Action) or extreme ROF (40+ bb/sec) custom weapons! We have been in the business of crafting these weapons for 2 years now and many of our guns are in the hands of satisfied customers throughout the U.S. We also feature unique and hard to find airsoft guns, parts & accessories.

Here are a few images of our guns:

Here is a video of our Custom Airsoft Gun Christy aka GANG BANGER:

1320 Kalani Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 USA

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