Inokatsu AIMS Kit in stock at Russia Mania

Ting from Russian Mania Workshop has been in touch with news regarding one of the latest offerings from my favourite Airsoft company, Inokatsu. This time it’s the release of a kit to build the Romanian AIMS, which is very limited in numbers at the moment, and which Ting has managed to source a supply of:


I just want to show you I got the extremely limited edition of Inokatsu AIMS in stock. Details are shown on my website:

Also Galil AR is available for sale too here.

Thanks a lot. Best Regards, Ting (Russian Mania Workshop)

The kit has intrigued me for several reasons. First of all it shows how much inokatsu kits have improved content-wise since their earlier Guarder kits, with the inclusion of a real steel sight, stock and also a full blowback bolt. Secondly if the sample image is anything to go by, Inokatsu have applied a nice weathered effect to the kit – something which I have always had to do with liberal application of sandpaper before. Good news all round!

At present, only 9 of these kits have been produced and Ting has 5. So if you like what you see, get moving! A fully built version will cost $840 and the kit $750. Considering the exclusivity of these items, I suspect they won’t be on sale long!

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