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  • June 12, 2011 9:10 AM
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  • RA TECH ballistic test custom kc 02 ksc m4
    RA TECH 30m ballistic test. Test result: KSC M4 use 0.3bb and green gas.ctc from 66 cm to 44 cm. KC02 use 0.4bb and green gas,ctc 33 cm.
  • "The Ruger Single Six" by Nutnfancy
    Pending///////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 10 out of 10/////////////////Music Licensed from Jason Shaw at
  • Colt M1911 Airsoft Gun Review
    Jimmy of the New Hampshire FusionAIRSOFT team does a review on the G10 Colt M1911 in full Ranger Camouflage.
  • Rangers Lead the Way!
  • How to Make "The Wrapture" (Key Fob) by TIAT
    The Wrapture is the corkscrew or twisted version of the Back-to-Back Solomon Bar. As with most fusion knots, The Wrapture illustrates the existence of multiple tying techniques, between the ones classically known. So consider The Wrapture a call to arms. Return to what you "think you know" and keep looking! There are many more wonders that remain undiscovered…even by me. Video production by JD of Tying It All Together.
  • Flanker’s EB Airsoft Tactical Softshell Jacket Long Term Review
    Long term review of the Tactical Soft Shell Jacket. It’s a much cheaper alternative of the Tad gear tactical soft shell. In this review, I will be comparing it with the Condor soft shell as a reference point. I’ll also be sharing my experiences with it as a skirmish jacket as well an everyday wear jacket. Enjoy.

    Ballistic Tsunami: Awesome reviews minus the BS

  • Rad Announces Tactical Airsoft Supply London Bridge Trading Co Contest Winner
    Hey we want to congratulate the winner of the LBT 6094 series Rig and we want to remind all of you out there to subscribe and post up because we are getting clever with random drawings We are looking for you to make posts not spam, we are looking for subscribers who support us on YouTube.
    Thanks for all the great comments and the questions and the support, we are truly blessed with such a hardcore viewership second to none!
    VFX Firing of the Call of Duty Ray Gun. If I get enough questions and/or likes on this video I will make a tutorial!
  • Airsoft GI – Operation Lion Claws X 2nd day Gaming Footage
    Watch Bob’s wreckage on the 2nd day of OP Lion Claws. Sunday May 29, 2011
  • CGI is dead. Long live Stop-motion!
    Just a little public awareness message I felt I had to put out there. Hopefully it’ll reassure some of you.
  • Act Now to Stop SB798

    Go out of your airsoft bubble to get everybody to oppose this bill. Contact your friends, family, neighbors, etc. to call, write, and email your assembly members and tell them your are against SB798.

  • Inside The Mechbox: ICS m4 m120 upper gearbox Ep.18
    In this Airsplat sponsored video, ASTKilo23 goes over the unique features of the ICS split gearbox design. With this setup, someone can change the range, power, and fps of their m4 aeg on the fly, depending on the situation. He also goes over the full upper gearbox upgrade kit, which comes with an m120 spring installed. Installation procedure is outlined.

    **All Airsoft guns Require Orange Tips**

  • Airsoft GI – Tactical Gear Heads LCX Edition – Bob
    Bob always has a few weird items up his sleeves, and up other places. Check out some of his gadgets in this TGH.
  • Airsoft Socom Gear PWS Diablo Line

    Socom Gear PWS DIablo

    – Fully Licensed Polymer Receiver with Authentic PWS trademarks
    – Fully Licensed PWS Diablo Free Float Rail System by Madbull
    – Fully licensed PWS Diablo Compensator by Madbull
    – Madbull One piece outer barrel
    – Total of 3 quick-detach sling mounts on the rail
    – Full Length Upper Rail for easy optics mounting
    – Correct Spec Crane Stock with storage compartment
    – Sling Mount pre-installed on Stock Base

    You can find the PWS DIablo’s here:

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