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  • Snake and Ghost do DragonCon 2011
    Snake, Ghost, Naomi, and the Mario Warfare gang swing by the world’s biggest sci-fi convention.
    More pics from DragonCon on our Facebook.

    Beat Down Boogie on Twitter:

    Beat Down Boogie Blog:

    Special thanks to Kenya, Mike, David, Andy, Allegra Torres, Eric, Kevin, Josh Holben, Sarah, Rob, and Brandon!

    Music is "Plastic & Flashing Lights" by Professor Kliq under creative commons/attribution. Thanks Professor!

  • ICS Galil, FN 5-7, L96, Marui VSR Airsoft War Scotland HD
    Im on FaceBook At
    Main Channel
    Alternative Channel
    Daedalus is at

    Filmed at Section8 Airsoft which is located near Glasgow in central Scotland, if you wish to play here the game dates and directions etc are on the Section8 website at
    Section8 arrange games via a forum at the following link

    UK based retailers that I buy from, as far as I know they only ship guns inside the UK, but contact them for more info on where they will mail to. "FOR BREN AND STEN GUNS"

    For more information on playing Airsoft in the UK and elsewhere I recommend you use the forum on the following website
    You will need to set up a login to use the forums, its free.

  • KJ KP-08 Preview (HD) – Redwolf Airsoft – RWTV
    The upcoming KJ KP-08 is the first full polymer frame pistol based on the 1911 that KJ has ever produced. Sporting a new look that resembles the Kimber Ten II pistol, we’ve been told that this new gun is based on the KP-05 platform — which is good news since the KP05 delivers very reliable performance and packs a big punch with its CO2 magazine. We take a first look at this new pistol. Is it just a KP05 in a pretty dress? Find out.
  • Angus’ Airsoft Collection
    This is 3 years of collecting. Now that this video is done, I do plan to sell some of this stuff, so if you are interested in anything just ask.
    Thanks for watching!
  • WE non open bolt GBB change to open bolt GBB Video Part 2
  • WE non open bolt GBB change to open bolt GBB Video Part 1
  • DIY AR-15 Build – Bolt Carrier Group Installation
    Join ITS Tactical as we continue our series on How to Build an AR-15 with the fifth step in assembling your Upper Receiver, installing the Bolt Carrier Group.

    Please check out our detailed step-by-step write up on ITS Tactical that complements this video with additional information and photos:

  • WE non-open bolt kit Magazine change to open bolt magazine
  • Blackwater The Game on X-Box 360, 1st FPS with Kinect
  • 東京マルイ製ガスブローバック XDM-40 試射:Tokyomarui GBB XDM-40Sample
    2011年10月13日開催の全日本模型ホビーショーにて展示された、東京マルイ製ガスブローバックガン XDM-40の試射です。
  • Pyramyd Airsoft Blog – Elite Force M4A1 GoPro HD Airsoft CQB War Footage
    Get the gun:
    Not sold just yet? Check out the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog for the full review of the Elite Force M4A1 Competition Series AEG:
  • Halloween Special Package Promotion – Monster Masher – RWTV
    Buy this Custom package and save $94.35 – that’s 22% OFF the original retail price!
    Click the following link for details:
  • AWS Raptor Airsoft Mosfet (Raptor FET V2HC-X120) Review -ASTKilo23-
    AWS Raptor Airsoft Mosfet (Raptor FET V2HC-X120) Review -ASTKilo23-

    Prodigy from Airsoft Team Kilo23 installs and reviews the AWS Raptor fet, for the version 2 gearbox.
    Music by: The Last Pitch Benber
    You can purchase the mosfet here:

  • Airsoft GI – Swedish ASGI Fan Rikard Plays CQB w/ Bob at Tac City!
    Airsoft GI TV Fan Rikard came all the way from Sweden to visit our store and to play airsoft with Bob. In this video Rikard shows Bob a trick with this KWA KZ75.
  • EvikeTV- Mo’ Molle, Mo’ Problems (inspired by Epic Meal Time)

    Mo’ Molle, Mo’ Problems – Think you have a lot of gear? Think again.

    There were so many products in this video, we couldn’t list them all in the description. Sauce. Rest assured, all the items you see in the video are available @ – except for the toilet paper & pudding/jello. Tactical spork coming soon =)

    If you liked this video, hit the share & like button below & show it to all your friends! Hope you guys enjoyed this video!

    Much thanks to our inspiration on this video – Epic Meal Time!
    You can find their channel here:

  • Airsoft GI – New Bushmaster CQB and DMR AEG Samples
    Check out the new pre-production samples of the Bushmaster CQB and DMR Airsoft Guns, and watch as Bob and CJ get to test them out.
  • Airsoft GI – Get Up To 30% Off on October 22nd!
    We’re having a tent sale brought to you by Magpul and Javelin at Airsoft GI on October 22nd. Don’t miss it!
  • Helikon CWU SWAT Jacket
    I take a quick look at the new Helikon CWU SWAT jacket. Not gonna be to everyone’s liking but it is very different. Available from
  • Airsoft G&P Squad Automatic Weapons Selection

    You can find all the G&P Squad Automatic Weapons here:

    G&P MK46 Mod 0:
    G&P MK46 SOPMOD:
    G&P M249 Ranger:

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