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  • RonnieNapoleonHD
    Take a moment and look into a typical day for Ronnie Fowlkes, VP of Sales. Always going the extra mile to ensure the quality of FS products.
  • SHOEI MG42 AEG ショウエイ 電動MG42
    shoei MG42 AEG model !
  • Norsk USA Ultra Lightweight 60mm iMortar
    Posted at their Facebook page. The Norsk USA is a very light 60mm mortar. It weighs around 12lbs and can engage targets at 1.2km. It’s made of advanced composites and alloys.

    Norsk USA Facebook Page:
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  • Graphene/Graphite Atmospheric Electricity Collectors – Plus Horrific Hexacopter Crash!
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    While on family vacation I was able to swing by and check out this atmospheric energy test site. They have some amazing energy harvesting technology and encourage replication. Since the visit I have had a non-stop stream of new ideas running through my head, but before I can work on that I have to finish my new SJR build.

    My previous work with atmospheric electricity:

  • PTS EPM Magazine Feed Test [Coming Soon!] Airsoft
    Product Link: coming soon

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  • MomoCon 2014
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    MomoCon is a yearly gaming and anime convention that takes place in Atlanta, GA, USA.

  • Op Broken Home 3: AO Dave and his Golden Ticket winner’s Helo Run
    Video footage of AO Dave and his Golden Ticket winner Ben on their Helo Gun Run at Broken Home 3

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  • Extreme Durability M16: Deep Fire Samson Evolution Deluxe Version – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    When the words Deep Fire come to mind, one does not immediately think ‘M4 AEG’. Now their new series of AEG M4s, featuring their reliable and solid internals, are proving to be just as durable externally. In addition, the new lightweight Rainier Arms rails system makes them both maneuverable and perfectly balanced.

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  • TEST

    ICS latest product with a brand-new EBB (Electric Blow back) split gearbox, plus integration of safety selector lever and spring release function.

  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Flankadie Flank with The Desert Fox Ep. 29 – Evike TV
    The following video contains the opinions of personalities, and does not necessarily reflect the views of or other organizations.

  • Mission Spec EOC Plate Carrier – Airsoft
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  • AirSplat Appreciation Day Event 2014 – $10,000 in Airsoft Prizes and Giveaways
    AirSplat Appreciation Day Event 2014 – $10,000 in Airsoft Prizes and Giveaways
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    **TAG YOURSELF for a chance to win a $379.99 VALUE BOLT BRSS SOPMOD M4 Airsoft Rifle…

    Posted by AirSplat on Monday, 19 May 2014

    AirSplat would like to give a special Thank You to everyone that attended the event and to all of our AirSplat fans and customers for your continuous support! We had OVER 2,500 ATTENDEES at the event and there was OVER $10,000 WORTH OF RAFFLES & GIVEAWAYS!! We’re so glad you were all able to make it out to this event and show your love for AirSplat. Another special Thank You to all of the vendors that attended AirSplat Appreciation and for donating raffle prizes! We wouldn’t be where we are at without our awesome vendors and amazing fans and customers!

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