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  • AMS September Bolt AEG GIVEAWAY | Win This Gun

    We here are Airsoft Megastore love our customers. That’s why, each week in September, we will be giving away one of these awesome BOLT airsoft guns, including the all the accessories you need to start playing the same day your package arrives. Want to know how you can win? Simply buy any BBs or Piece of tactical gear, and you are automatically entered to win! We will announce the winner next Monday on our FaceBook! Now, this gun only lasts for a week, as we have 3 other BOLT guns that we will be raffling away in September. But, each week, for something as little as a bag of BBs, you could win one sweet gun!

  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Gear Whore Time! Ep. 42 – Evike TV
    The following video contains the opinions of personalities, and does not necessarily reflect the views of or other organizations.

  • Apex R5 Carbine – Airsoft Extreme First Look
    Check out the first look from Airsoft Extreme on the new Apex R5 Carbine that is coming soon!
  • 20140902 INFINITI Q50台北街頭快閃 V2
  • 20140902 INFINITI Q50台北街頭快閃
  • LIVE SHOW!!! Sidearms: Fools Errand or Neccessity? – Airsoft GI
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  • Hill 559 gameplay with the PTS Mega Arms GBBR – Airsoft Obsessed
    The first(and only) game I played with the Mega Arms GBBR by PTS. Nice gun, one of the very best externally built guns I’ve owned but I realized that gas blow back rifles just are not my thing *shrug*.

    The Mega Arms GBBR by PTS is available at

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  • Occupy Central Night – Martin Lee’s Speech (English) – Tamar Park – Hong Kong, 31-08-14, 831公民發聲集會
  • Occupy Central Night – Tamar Park – Hong Kong, 31-08-14, 831公民發聲集會
  • PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine Destruction Test
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  • SCDTV – CYBERGUN SCARL-L CQC AEG (G&G manufactured) Airsoft Review
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    Cybergun trademarked, G&G manufactured, SCDTV reviewed and edited SCAR L CQC review is here. After long months of skirmishing and doing other not-airsoft related stuff Irek and Dudek managed to film the review. Having tons of gigabytes of files Irek could work on during his legen-wait for it- dary sleepless nights!

    Besides, it’s a realy nice aeg. ;)

    ladies, here’s SCDTV’s Cybergun Scar-L CQC review! a standard length one ;)

    Hugs and kisses to Cybergun for providing the gun:


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  • How to Make the Badlands Bar (Paracord) Bracelet by TIAT
    PPI Book Link: The Badlands Bar was inspired by the rugged terrain of the same name located in South Dakota. Generating a unique switch-backing jagged face, the bar makes a great bracelet that has a slight stretch in it. A feature that reduces the chance of the bracelet becoming uncomfortably tight when wet!

    Genre: Paracord Bracelet
    By: Tying It All Together
    Design: JD Lenzen

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