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A2 Supplies stock a small range of lever action rifles:

Lever Actions!
Its time to move forward from the times of Muskets and Flintlocks and lets head West, things might get a bit Wild..

Perhaps you’re a Rebellious Bandit? Or maybe you’re the sheriff to deal with those Pesky Bandits armed with their Modern Weapons!
In Store we currently carry a small range of Gas Powered Lever Action Rifles from A&K, Perfect for those wanting a taste of the Old West in their loadout!


A&K 1892 V2 WOOD

Starting with the iconic Winchester 1892 Rifle – A&K have brought a fantastic replica to the table with their new V2 M1892 Repeating rifles! With a sturdy full metal build, for those wanting the whole hog this is the version with real wood furniture. To Load is fairly simple, BB’s are loaded in through the side door using a speed loader adapter, into a 24 Round Internal magazine. Being  gas powered rifle there’s no spring tension, leaving you with a lever action smooth as butter with a satisfying sound as you rack it!


A&K 1892 V2 Plastic

Another Variant on offer is the V2 M1892 but with a Faux Wood Furniture for those who are slightly more budget conscious! But don’t let the faux wood put you off! A&K have produced a fantastic wood finish to their ABS furniture on this model. This still boasts a solid full metal construction as full wood model! With the same smooth lever action to keep you alive out on the frontier.


A&K Winchester 1892 Sawn Off:

Feel like the full length lever action is just a bit too much? Prefer something a little lighter? Compact? Maybe to even use as a Sidearm! The A&K 1892 Sawn off – Also known as the "Mares Leg" is a Perfect Compact Gas Rifle for those wanting to take the law into their own hands! Utilising the same internal magazine as the previous two rifles, this handheld cannon has a magazine capacity of 24 Rounds. The Gas system once again allows for a smooth racking motion with hardly any resistance, allowing you to gun down your foe in a hail of BB’s


What you saying kid? Feel like its time for a Mans gun? Check them out over on our website at www.a2supplies.co.uk Or come visit us in store!

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