Jia Dyi: new gear and stock, SR5 and more

Jia Dyi have sent over details of the new stock coming in with them including the new SRC MP5 clone:

Jia DyiSeeing the persistence on quality from MIT.

Honorable clients,

“Focusing on details makes things perfect!” it suggests why Taiwan BB gun manufacturers collectively explained 50% of worldwide quality Airsoft gun market. It is not uncommon to see the similar models were sold in the Western Airsoft sports brand giants’ sales portfolio. Jia Dyi locates in the very center of heartland of Airsoft manufacturing, Taiwan, we wish to bring you more to meet expectation beyond.

SRC SR5 Full metal CO2 blow-back SMG


Its first appearance was on the IWA, 2018, SRC will prove its capabilities in developing quality Airsoft guns through it. The sound blast was stunning and even with the heavy steel stamped receiver, the gunner still can feel the strong kick-back originated from chamber. Probably the best selection in training weapon for global military and police departments to counter strike the terrorism.

Maple Leaf Cerakote VSR receiver and outer barrel set


Maple Leaf has just launched its latest quality upgrade kits to meet the VSR fans’ impeccable desire. Scratch-resistant because of the military grade coating. The kit contains an aluminum bubble-leverb rail, receiver, and a gorgeous outer barrel which can be chosen to fit with 300mm(G-spec), 470mm(STD), 470mm, and 510mm inner barrels. Though Maple Leaf provides two finishing, Magpul FDE and FG, they are few in stock, please contact local dealers or Jia Dyi to reserve for you.

Maple Leaf 2018 Super series hopup buckings and Wonder series hopup buckings


After its huge success in HOPUP bucking named Transformer in 2016, Maple Leaf dedicated in trajectory technology has published new series named SUPER and WONDER in May. 2018. With the appearance of Macaron to distinguish the hardness, the most significant change is they can be used upon VFC/Umarex GBB, and TM, WE, KJ, VSR10 as well. Even the special spec. of KWA/KSC was bent down under Maple Leaf’s technicians. To sum up, for precision shooter, better to choose SUPER series for delta shape brings excellent aiming direction; for long shot shooter, choose WONDER series for the diamond shape provides the maximum hopup effect.

Poseidon Zero 2 Reinforced Nozzle set for WE SCAR-L/H and PDW【PI-012 Zero-02-s/-p】


WE SCAR-L and SCAR-H GBBRs together may own the most of the market share in AR GBBRs not because of its seniorship but also the most inexpensive price among WE AR GBBRs. Poseidon also found the small difference and managed to meet SCAR and PDW in the Anti-icer nozzle. It fits both for RA steel bolt and YSC aluminum bolt for WE setting.

Please feel free to contact your local dealers or Jia Dyi at sales@jiadyi.com for further information regarding the above quality Airsoft merchandise made in Taiwan.

Philip Chen, (Jia Dyi)

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