Jia Dyi: Details make it matter

Jia Dyi have some new products from WE, Poseidon and Maple Leaf:

Jia DyiDetails make it matter

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We show you new arrivals from upgrade parts to GBBRs, both from the first-hand report of Taiwan, the heartland of Airsoft manufacturing base. In the immense sea of Airsoft, you need a guide and coach to ferry safely to the bank of fortunes.

Poseidon Striker Hop up Chamber Kit【AC-POS-PI014/-PI015/-PI016】


According to Poseidon, the red chamber kits is for Poseidon custom pistol, P18EVO(stay tuned for debut report); the blue one will be sold as individual upgrade part for every G_lock gas pistols compatible with Marui spec. As usual, both CNC-machined modules will be equipped with Air-cushion® inner barrels and two-stage hop up buckings. PI014 is for 84mm, PI015 for 97mm, and PI016 for 113mm. Guess which one will be more prominent?

WE T65 Gas Blow-back rifle【GG227】


T65 combat rifle, a 100% self-made rifle by Taiwan and had actively been used in 1980s, was found in civil war of Liberia and Haiti. Although looks like a clone from AR16, WE has done the best to faithfully present the original details in real fire arms- CNC machined Aluminum alloy upper receiver and outer barrel, full-direction steel sling sets, night-glowing combat sights, steel flash hider and a brand new gas bolt carrier. It shares the same gas magazine with WE AR series. Coming in the Aug.!

WE T91 Gas Blow-back Assault Rifle【GG222


T91 was invented in 2002 and has been the standard custom assault rifle of Taiwan Military till now. Taiwan authority even exported one thousand of front sets and upper receivers to the U.S in 2017 (click to access). WE has long enjoyed its market share in the entry level of GBBRs for years, we think T91 GBBR is mature, reliable, and so recommend it along with the T65. Put aside GBBRs, Jia Dyi also carries SRC T91 for AEGs fans.

Maple Leaf Chamber Adjustable Lever set for Marui/WE/KJ G_lock/M1911/Hi-capa【ML-HL01】, for Umarex/VFC HK45 CT【ML-HL02】


Maple Leaf often shows their creativeness and craftsmanship in the details of Airsoft guns. Thanks to the successful development for fine tuning of trajectory of G-family/M1911/Hi-capa,【ML-HL01】, an I-KEY tensioner and adjustable lever, Maple Leaf recently launched the latest hop up lever set,【ML-HL02】, aiming at the vast escalation market of Umarex/VFC’s HK 45 compact tactical series.

Maple Leaf also provides a drop-in chamber set with Crazy Jet® inner barrels, 【ML-CHS3/-CHS4】; for Crazy Jet® less than 120mm, choose【ML-CHS3】. For budget reason to choose electroless nickel plated 6.02mm tighterbore,【ML-CHS1/-CHS2】, for ordinary precision tube less than 120mm,【ML-CHS1】will be the economical choice.

Selecting suitable sales mix is just like a match, you need a coach to win the game! With the help from Jia Dyi, you cut redundant investment, save time, thus put more money into pocket. Call local dealer or us today at sales@jiadyi.com to know more on the above merchandise. We await!

(Jia Dyi)

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