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Jia Dyi have shared an article on targets:

Honorable clients,
Introducing the targets that is great for shops, fields, competitions or at home!

Xcortech Electronic Target System【XTS-105】

The Xcortech XTS-105 Electronic Auto Target System adds a new level of excitement and convenience to linking and target shooting, ideal for professional training and target shooting.

There are 4 different modes with 15 levels of difficulty with auto-reset for each round are available depending on the game mode. The information such as time, hits, missis, and score will send to the LED score board in real time to display the round results.

Whether it is for the hobbyists to experience the shooting fun indoors or the airsoft store to expand its business model to run a fee-based recreational facility, an automated target system like XTS-105 is what you need.

Material : Aluminum, Polymer
Power Input : 100-240 VAC, 50-60hz, 1.4A
LED Score Board Dimensions : 640mm x 160mm
Controller Dimensions : 90mm x 122mm x 37mm
Controller Weight : 170g
Target Dimensions : 94mm x 175mm x 39mm
Target Weight : 375g
Package Includes : 1x LED Score Board, 1x Controller, 1x Start Button, 12x Auto Targets, 12x RJ45 Ethernet Cables (Short), 1x RJ45 Ethernet Cable (Long),

1x Power Supply

Acetech iTarget Shooting System

The Acetceh iTarget System consists of iTargets, moving targets, scoreboard, controller, start button, adaptor and network wires. This system gives you tons of options and targets to help you hone in your skills before hitting Adds a new level of excitement and convenience to plinking and target shooting; featuring multiple game mode. Up to 32 targets can be simultaneously linked to a single stage for added complexity. The LED scoreboard shows in real-time the current scores. You can use a controller to execute game and set system parameters.

·         Up to 32 targets can be daisy-chained together
·         Includes 12 targets with both 3.15 and 4 inch diameter targets
·         Targets can be programmed to automatically reset
·         4 different game modes: Shot Timer, Whack-a-Mole, Rescue, and Compete
·         Optional Moving Target System [ACT-MTARGET] sold separately
·         Optional iTracer Unit can be added for extra functions such as shot limit and shot calculation (Sold Separately)

Several styles of target from HFC included target with net, and sticking target in square and circle (6 inch / 12 inch). The sticky target is fully portable and can be either wall mounted or free standing on its catch tray. The surface of the sticky target is made of special mucous membrane. After the BB is attached, it will stick on the target for a few seconds and slowly slide down to the space below. The tray at the bottom will collect the BBs so that your Ammo can be reused. The special sticky rubber gel pad makes the bullets strongly stick to the target and us washable.

HT-602 Target with net
SIZE:L 26 cm X W 18.5 cm X H 26 cm
INCLUDE: High Quality Target Case x 1 / High Quality Target Paper x 10

Guarder Environmental Shooting Target Paper

Is made of corrugated paper for environmental protection, and there are 4 different types for you to choice. And the DIY target box for purchase separately, which is also using the environmentally friendly paper, there are drawer design for east recovery of BB bullets, and you can add cushions in the interlayer by yourself.

If you are interested in the above products, please contact local legit dealers first or keep Jia Dyi informed at sales@jiadyi.com, if there’s any more curious, or want to share any of your ideas with us, welcome to contact us as well, we can also provide you suggestion & information that you need.

Jia Dyi

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