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Jia Dyi: Best Choice for Dress Up

by News Fairy

Jia Dyi have been taking a look at some options for those who like a bit of role play with their weapons:

Jia Dyi: Best Choice for Dress Up

Honorable clients,

In addition to the classic models, sometimes people or some collectors will also want to get some special-looking products, today let’s take a look at these two guns that are very suitable for dressing up and have different kind of fun.

HFC – Flintlock Pistol

The flintlock gun invented by France was a cutting-edge weapon that dominated the 17-19th century. Especially in the Caribbean, where pirates were rampant, the flintlock gun became an important role in pirate raids; HFC is known for manufacturing high-quality gas-powered pistols, they launched this green gas and CO2 powered version of the 18th century flintlock gun with gorgeous appearance and delicate internal structure.

The HFC Flintlock Pistol is an authentic 1:1 scale replica with high power 300+ fps power output, . The high-quality metal alloy, imitation wood and polymer construction make this gun truly unique, and the highly detailed filigree enhances the pictols appearance and authenticity.

This great replica prop for pirates and musketeers alike has realistic functionality. So it operates just like a real flint lock pistol.

This airfsoft gun comes with a faux leather powder flask for strong BBs, and the instruction manual comes in the appearance of an old parchment scroll.

  • Length – 410mm
  • Weight – 1190 g
  • Color – Gold / Silver
  • Material – Metal , Plastic
  • Hop-up – No
  • Shooting Mode – Semi
  • Magazine Capacity – 21 Rounds
  • Bullet Type – 6mm BB
  • Power – Gas or CO2 version
  • Muzzle Velocity – 380 FPS (0.2g BB)

WE – Samurai Edge Standard M9 Style

Take a look at this people who loves the Resident Evil series! The Samurai Edge Standard M9 pistol replica by WE airsoft will satisfy not only the fans of Resident Evil series. Modeled on the M9 pistol combine with the style from the games and movies. The performance and matching quality is visible and felt once one grabs the pistol, the materials used make the replica’s weight related to the real steel.

The replica performed with great accuracy and attention paid to details, slide was made by lightweight and durable aluminum, frame and magazine were made by metal, the grip has a comfortable, non-slip texture, partly made of wood imitating plastic, and there’s a S.T.A.R.S. RPD marking on the slide and grip. The barrel ends with a threaded adapter allowing a silencer or flash hider. A tight inner barrel ensured the effectiveness and accuracy, the powerful blow-back system make the operations very closely resemble that of its real steel counterpart.

  • Material – metal + plastic
  • Weight – 1050 g
  • Color – silver/wood
  • Length – 215 mm
  • Muzzle Velocity – 330~350 FPS (Measured w/ 0.20g BBs and Green Gas)
  • Magazine Capacity – 26rds. Works with WE, Tokyo Marui and other compatible M9 Series Airsoft GBB Magazines
  • Shotting Modes – Semi-Auto, Safety
  • Bullet Type – 6mm BB
  • Power – Gas or CO2 version

If you are interested in the above products, please contact local legit dealers first or keep Jia Dyi informed at sales@jiadyi.com, if there’s any more curious, or want to share any of your ideas with us, welcome to contact us as well, we can also provide you suggestion & information that you need.

Jia Dyi

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