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Jia Dyi: M92 Series

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Jia Dyi have been taking a look at the M92 Series pistols available from some of the popular brands:

Jia Dyi: M92 Series
Honorable clients,
M92 is one of the most popular model in the market, let’s take a look on these M92 from the popular brands.

The WE M92 GBB is an excellent option for airsoft players who want a high quality and very reliable gas blowback pistol at an affordable price. Once you hold this gun you’ll understand it’s in a class of its own. The blowback action pistol and the full metal construction with a textured polymer grip giving the pistol a very solid feel and realistic weight, the only plastic part on the outside of the gun is the grip. The slide features an ambidextrous safety. There are rear slide serrations that make cocking and cycling the pistol very easy, even in adverse conditions. The textured grip makes holding the pistol very comfortable and maintain a more consistent, positive grip.

* Length: 218 mm
* Weight: 1045g
* Hop Up : Adjustable
* Shooting Model: Semi / Full Auto
* Gas Type: Green gas, red gas, propane adapter
* Muzzle Velocity: 350 FPS (0.2g BB)
* Magazine: 24+1 (6mm Airsoft BBs)
* System: Gas Blowback

A high quality Elite M92 pistol by B&W, was made mainly of metal, with attention to detail and fitting of individual elements. Metal parts include the slide, frame as well as manipulators like the hammer or a winged safety. The replica is very well-balanced and the alignment of elements gives an impression of holding a live firearm in one’s hand.

The most important thing is the inside, the gun has an Air Cushion barrel and an innovative hop-up rubber brand from Poseidon to choose. The replica is equipped with an adjustable hop-up system and a blowback system, bring the operation of the replica close to that of the original. The system has been weakened to transmit more energy to the bullet and to prevent the too strong recoil which could interfere the accurate firing.

* Full metal frame and slide
* Full metal barrel assembly
* Color: Silver
* Hop-up:  Adjustable
* Muzzle Velocity: 300~330 FPS ( w/ 0.20g BBs)
* Magazine: 26+1 rounds
* Compatible with WE/KJ and LS M9 magazines
* Gas Type: Green Gas, Red Gas, Propane
* Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic, Safety
* System: Gas Blowback

SRC full metal SR92 is some of the very best Airsoft gas blowback pistol on the market, are nonetheless extremely impressive both in terms of power, accuracy, realism, and build quality. The pistol features a metal slide assembly and lower frame that feels just like the real thing. The heavy weight construction of the pistol adds to the realism, and sends a strong recoil feedback to the shooter after every shot.

* Zinc alloy slide and receiver 
* Hard polymer grips
* On-frame lanyard loop tether location
* Full metal outer barrel
* Matte black finish
* Realistic blowback action
* Muzzle Velocity: 310~330 FPS (Measured w/ 0.20g BBs and Green Gas)
* Capacity : 24 rounds
* Gas Type : Green Gas, CO2 (adapter not included), propane
* Firing Mode : Semi-Automatic
* System : Gas Blowback
* Hop-up : Adjustable

If you are interested in the above products, please contact local legit dealers first or keep Jia Dyi informed at sales@jiadyi.com, if there’s any more curious, or want to share any of your ideas with us, welcome to contact us as well, we can also provide you suggestion & information that you need.

Jia Dyi

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