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Email changes – MX now moved to Google

by Arnie

We’ve made some changes to our email system and moved all of our email handling to Google App’s servers. The main reason for this is that our hosts (SagoNet) refuse to fix some hosting issues that have currently caused SpamHaus to flag all emails from Sago’s server’s as spam (see here). SpamHaus say that Sago wilfully host spammers and don’t fix hacked websites and Sago aren’t really replying to much at all; enough of my wingeing. This meant that almost half of our outbound emails to you guys were being bounced.

As a result I’ve moved the MX records to Google’s servers and created the new groups and accounts on the new service. All should work, but if there are any issues please email me at our backup account arniesairsoft [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll look in to it. I have tested the usual groups and emails and all looks fine…

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