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ZOXNA new kit, launchers and boom sticks…

1-1.jpgMiguel at ZOXNA has a heap of new kit out, there’s a custom pistol launcher (with nudge and pull triggers), the “Avenger” which I love (six shot pump action boom stick attachment?!?) and their new shell. Here are all the glorious videos:






CIF: ES-B43928514
C/ Garbi 1-A 3-2 Riudoms, Tarragona, España
CP: 43330
Tel: +34 977768482

Deepfire new releases: Rocket shower V1 and Paper Rocket

DeepFire  have released a couple of new products, a new shower grenade and a new rocket with a paper front end:


We would like to announce an amazing toys for our DeepFire AT4 and M72A2.

New Rocket shower V1 plus Paper Rocket

Two things fit together, play together with our AT4 or M72A2 can be able to fire more safer and longer distances

Those products are now available

Please have a look on our video. (DeepFire)

Enola Gaye’s bring new gear to the British Airsoft Show 2013

Enola Gaye have a new set of products and a prototype they will be showing off at the British Airsoft Show:

At this year’s British Airsoft Show in Kenilworth Enola Gaye will be displaying several new product prototypes on their stand.

EG18 Mil-X Smoke (prototype)

The EG18 Mil-X is the first in a line of military training products that have been co-developed by Enola Gaye & Effective Direction; it will be in full production for DSEI London in September, but viewing of the product and feedback is encouraged at our booth this coming weekend at the British Airsoft Show. This new smoke is a fully encased high impact plastic device that has a re-designed military type spoon and high smoke output designed for security forces and military training. It will be available in a variety of colours including the new ‘Black Smoke’ which has also been developed for Enola Gaye’s high end smoke range.

EG18 Assault Smoke (Released March 2013)

Also new is the EG18 Assault Smoke, a high output Wire Pull smoke grenade; it emits a massive amount of smoke (3 times that of our normal Wire Pull unit) available in 8 colours including Black.

Flash Grenade

A distraction device that produces a low noise and flash of light. As an alternative to the MK5 Thunderflash Enola Gaye has developed this product to offer a much reduced safety distance of 2 meters. It is perfect for urban game areas or woodland that are sensitive to noise.

(Enola Gaye)

Zoxna Airsoft: GM2 IMPACT gas grenade, video update

Not long ago I posted some news about the Zoxna Airsoft GM2 IMPACT grenade.

When I posted I stated I’d hunt for some more information. A quick reply from Zoxna Airsoft today included a link to a new video from them that shows the operation of the device. The video is cut quickly and the BB filling is reduced to a quick montage, so I get the impression that takes time!

From what I can see the ‘impact’ part of the product name relates to it discharging upon impact rather than with a time delay:

Zoxna Airsoft: GM2 IMPACT gas grenade

Zoxna Airsoft have a new gas grenade out. I don’t have more than the images at the moment but hope to grab a video or explanation of how the unit works shortly:


[name] GM2 IMPACT
CAP: 198 360 BBs
Built entirely of duralumin
2 colors black and red anodized anodized
Recharge with Green-Gas or similar
Product listed by CIPAE
Parts guaranteed


NIF: B43928514
C / Garbi 1-A 3.2 Riudos Tarragona Spain
CP: 43330
Tel: 977768482
Mobile: 616806258
Info.zoxna @

(Zoxna Airsoft)

Enola Gaye: new airsoft frag grenade

Enola Gaye have a new Airsoft frag grenade (FRAG ‘Field’ Grenade – BB Grenade FBG02) out this month with an improved blast area:


Airsoft International: Shock Grenade and pull cord wind-up AEG magazine

Stefano (Airsoft International) has sent in news of two new products they have in, a new shock grenade and a pull cord windup magazine:

First products, are the new grenades developed by A.P.S. in cooperation with HAKKOTSU, distributed by A.S.I. srl as Official European Distributor.

This incredible grenade is functioning as a booby trap. A player who walks past and touches the wire connected with the grenade, will make it explode. The victim has no way to escape and no chance to react, thus shocking he/she by the loud noise.


The TB-05 has a very short detonation time. After our testing, this grenade can usually explode in less than a second.

The white line on the shell is the break point. User can control the direction where the BB and powder fly by this line.

The TB-05 Shock Grenade has double safety pin design. So you don’t need to worry about the grenade explode when setting up the trap.

Another important news is the M4/M16 series high capacity magazines with the new WIND UP system, products from us and branded Airsoft International.


The magazines are full metal and have the fast load system (defined WIND UP) operated by a wire and allows less than 5 seconds to completely preload the 375 BB’s magazine

Stefano (Airsoft International)

Airsoft Community: Tornado Motors and S-Thunder grenades/launchers

Airsoft Community have two new articles online, pop on over to their website and have a look:

Dear ArniesAirsoft,

please note our latest tests&reviews about the GFC Gunfire Tornato motors made by DTC and about the S-Thunder Grenades e Grenade Launchers made by Red Bull.


All our articles are written both in Italian and English languages and our website portal is totally foreign friendly.

Our best regards. (Airsoft Community)

Tornado Airsoft Grenade at AATV

Gregor and his friends are back with another fun video at AATV. They do apologize for the audio quality as their video camera is broken:

Hey Arnie,

just finished the next AATV video review. Its about the Tornado Airsoft Grenade by Airsoft Innovations. Watch it on YouTube or download it from Sorry about the bad audio quality, but our camera is broken.

Gregor, (AATV)

Enola Gaye 2nd GEN BB Grenade

Enola Gaye have a new generation of BB pyro available:

Enola Gaye 2nd GEN BB Grenade

2nd GEN BB

Enola Gaye 2nd GEN BB grenade is here now!! Packaged in box of 50, this is a brand new limited edition product, so call us now!

Tel: 0118 9714470

James / Jim / Mark, (Enola Gaye)

Zoxna updated to take paypal and new look

Zoxna, the guys behind the airsoft GM-1 and upcoming launcher have updated their website to now include paypal:

Hello I am Miguel Angel I inform to you that we have updated the pagina and modified the mode of payment by PayPal when hare has but information you to arrive. Warm greetings Miguel Angel (Zoxna)

New videos from Airsoft Innovations

It’s Tornado time, more crazy videos and technical savvy from Carl:

grenade1_lg Hello Arnies,

We’ve posted our third in the series of promo videos.

This video  features even more high speed videography. In this video demonstrate the operation and effectiveness of the adjustable timer feature on our grenade. Stay tuned for more updates.

Youtube Video Link.

Carlton Chong
Airsoft Innovations Inc.

Airsoft Innovations – Tornado Hand Grenade

grenade1_lg Almost ready for release!  AI (Airsoft innovations), the guys who first brought you the propane adapter, will soon be offering the Tornado Grenade.

Finally! A reusable combat effective airsoft hand grenade!

We’ve been working our butts off for the past two years to develop a reliable effective and reusable airsoft grenade that offers some pretty neat features. It’s easy to use and bomb proof durable. Stay tuned for updates to this page over the next few weeks. Take a peek at our first product video at the top of this page! We’ll be releasing more video content as we near our release date.

High Res, Slo Mo, GLaDOS-esq video here:

Forum Link here:

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