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BlastersBB: APS shotgun shell adapter for grenade

by Arnie

Here’s an interesting idea, a grenade shell adapter that takes APS shotgun shells over on Etsy by BlastersBB. they are about 18UKP each and available in various different colours.

This 40mm Grenade Shell allows you to fit a APS 870 Airsoft Shotgun shell with it. It basically converts the APS 870 Airsoft Shotshell for airsoft grenade launcher use. This 40mm Grenade Shell has been tested to be compatible with the following products:

– APS 870 CO2 Airsoft Shotshell
– ICS MGL Full Size Airsoft Revolver Grenade Launcher (ICS-190)
– ICS MGL Full Size Airsoft Revolver Grenade Launcher Gen. 2 (ICS-192)

To use the APS 870 Shotshell with the ICS Grenade Launcher, you will need to replace the M4-0.7x20mm hex screw trigger pin with a M4-0.2x25mm set screw. Screw the set screw into the ICS Grenade Launcher just far enough so that it triggers the APS 870 Shotshell without putting excessive force on it. The set screw is not included, but can be purchased with a grenade shell in this listing.

Airsoft equipment used for illustration of this grenade shell are not included.

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