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New from APS the Falkor Phantom

by Arnie

New from APS is the Falkor Defense Phantom with their SDU2.0 gearbox and custom parts (licensed from their original rifle here):

Not another AR pistol! You should notice that there are too many spec AR pistols flooding the market. Why making another one? Don’t be too quick to judge, There are new and improved ambidextrous controls in this Falkor “Phantom” AEG guns. We add an extended mag release paddle right out of the gate to your already ambi controls. We also use an new ambi 45 degree short throw selector for faster response time, iconic straight trigger gives you more customization options and improve your finger’s position on the trigger. Its trigger shoe is designed wider than regular trigger, thus giving you a greater tactile feel in pulling.

Use of e-Silver Edge Gear Box SDU2.0 A Super Dynamic Micro Chip Unit that works together with magnet gears set, reinforced piston, quick change spring guide and micro switch trigger that gives you instant trigger response when shooting. Simply pressing down the button underneath of the gear box, user can switch its fire selector modes (total 5 different modes). No external device or trigger control are needs, it is easy to program anytime and anywhere by the user.

Although the original Falkor Tango angled foregrip and Dragon scale handguard grips do not come with the package, you still able to buy them separately in the market. We are sure that this “Phantom” will get much more with this platform, out of the box, than with any of othe AR Pistol.


  • Ambi Matched Billet Upper/Lower Receiver
  • New Falkor Extended Mag Release (Ambidextrous)
  • New Falkor Short Throw Safety Selector (Ambidextrous)
  • Flared Magwell w/Magwell Grip
  • APS e-silver edge Gear Box SDU2.0
  • Barrel: 10.5-inch
  • 9 ” MLOK™ Transition Handguard
  • Iconic New Straight Trigger:
  • CRS Butt Stock
  • Dracos Ace Muzzle Brake
  • FALKOR MACH 15 Ambi-charging handle
  • FALKOR Tango Fore Grip (Not included, please purchase from aftermarket)
  • FALKOR Dragon Scales (Not included, please purchase from aftermarket)
  • Black, FDE color Offered


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