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Modify’s PP-2K in at GunFire

by Arnie

GunFire has Modify’s PP-2K in on their website available for shipping. It’s worth noting that Modify list a CO2 and Green Gas version on their website at the moment.

Airsoft Mike did an unbox for Modify at the end of last year:

Here’s the blurb from GunFire and the full specs:

PP-2K 9mm (green gas) is the first gas-powered replica produced by the Taiwanese brand Modify. It is an exact replica of the PP-2000 submachine gun used by the special forces of the Russian Federation. The Modify gas submachine gun has single and auto modes, and it works on green gas. It is also equipped with a realistic Blow Back system.


PP-2K 9mm (Green Gas) Submachine Gun Replica

Taiwan Modify presents an exact PP-2000 submachine gun replica used by modern Russian Federation special forces. The construction and its dimensions are as close to the live original firearm as possible, also when it comes to operation. The gas submachine gun by Modify features the option of semi-auto and full-auto firing modes and it is powered by Green Gas. The replica features a realistic Blow Back system.

The receiver of the replica was made of polymer. Aluminum parts include: the dust cover, top RIS rail, charging handle, external barrel and the magazine. The stock, front sight, muzzle device, fire mode selector plate and internal mechanisms were made of steel.

Accessories dedicated for PP-2000 such as an extended magazine, a silencer or a flashlight are available for separate purchase.

Replica Features:

– 1:1 scale, like the live firearm original
– 6.03 mm anodized, precision internal barrel
– the newest Modify Predator Hop-Up bucking that provides excellent BB spin
– double-sided charging handle 
– a completely steel trigger mechanism
– a realistic Blow Back recoil system
– steel folding to the side stock
– ability to detach the stock and insert it in the place of a spare magazine
– standard RIS / Picatinny 22 mm rail for the attachment of optics
– muzzle device for 14 mm CCW thread
– ability to detach the dedicated silencer and flashlight (not included in the set)

The set includes:

– a replica
– short Green Gas 22 B magazine
– transport case
– User’s manual

GunFire’s PP2K page

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