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PTS Syndicate: PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set (VFC) & PTS Kinetic SCAR Adaptor Stock Kit

by Arnie

PTS Syndicate have released photos of their new sight set (PTS ZEV) and SCAR adapter kit (PTS Kinetic).

We are happy to introduce our new products which are PTS ZEV – Combat Sight Set (VFC) & PTS Kinetic – SCAR Adaptor Stock Kit.

The PTS ZEV Combat Sight Set comes with plain black rear sights and a bright fiber front sight. This combination gives a shooter a clear picture and easy pickup of the front sight to get shots on target faster and more confidently under all lighting conditions. The wide rear square notch combined with the narrow front sight post increases sight alignment precision and sight picture confidence for accurate longer distance shots. They are able to purchase right now!


• A clean serrated post for a glare free sight picture
• Improved accuracy due to ease of target transition and acquisition
• CNC-machined steel alloy
• Compatible with VFC G17 Gen3-4 / G19 Gen3 / G18C
• Package includes: PTS ZEV combat rear sight, PTS ZEV front sight with red fiber

Item Code: ZV008490407ZEV – Combat Sight Set (VFC): https://bit.ly/30sZSyH

The PTS Kinetic SCAR Adaptor Stock Kit (SAS kit) takes the amazing Magpul designed PTS Masada folding stock system and allow for direct use with your airsoft SCAR platform rifle. They start shipping on Mar 18.


• Works with VFC models (see specifications for details)
• Reinforced Polymer adapter bracket for added stock support and rigidity.
• Includes PTS Masada Folding Stock
• Side Folding with Spring lock tension
• 7 telescoping adjustable positions
• Adjustable Cheek Riser
• QD Cup (Can be used on either side of the stock)

Item Code: KN003490307 – Black (Adaptor) / Black (Stock) KN003490313 – Black (Adaptor) / Dark Earth (Stock)

Kinetic SCAR Adaptor Stock Kit: https://bit.ly/30slM50

For more detail, please visit
International: https://www.ptssyndicate.com/

PTS Syndicate

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