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WE Airsoft Galaxy G testing video and some conjecture

by Arnie

WE Airsoft have shared a new promo video of the Galaxy G tests. The basic design is clearly one that WE are sticking with with and there’s lots of rumblings in the comments around a 1911 based GBB styled on the Ruger Mk IV XD.

With the video shown on here recently of the much more Ruger like GBB, I would suggest that there’s a much more Ruger styled series coming off the back of the popularity. The video clearly shows a competition upper styled like the Hunter and the lower is styled from a 22/45 which has the 1911 style grips. Take into account the upper from the current Galaxy G and I would suggest there’s a strong possibility of a smorgasbord of Galaxy pistols with variations across the lineup including popular pieces similar to the Ruger MkIV tactical and high power Competition/Hunter models.

Remember this is just conjecture based on what can be seen in development and nothing official. The Ruger license is currently held with Umarex so you can see where this could be going…

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