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AceTech launches Blaster video

by Arnie

AceTech have posted a promo video for their awesome Blaster:

• Blaster simulates muzzle flash, the effect of flame depends on volume of gas or water fog around the muzzle, with more volume, effect will be better. 
• Three modes available: Tracer with flame, Flame only, Tracer only. 
• Intelligent power control: Blaster power on by shaking, enter sleep mode while idle for over 5 minutes. 
• Suitable for standard airsoft and gel BBs.

The tracer function: 
Supports green tracer BBs and water BBs, not support red tracer BBs.

The flame function: 
Supports all kinds of BBs, different color of BBs will have subtly different flame color.

※ Burst Speed: Up to 35RPS 
※ Battery: Li-Ion, charging time 2.5 hours 
※ Maximum shots with fully charged battery: 
※ LED power and battery indicator. 
※ Certificates: FCC CE ROHS 
※ Dimension: Diameter 32mm, length 76mm. 
※ Weight: 70g

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