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AMNB review the Helikon-Tex camp grinder and french press

by Arnie

AMNB have posted a review of the Helikon-Tex coffee kit we mentioned a while back, it’s worth a read and checking out so head on over to their pages. With outdoor games coming back and weekends away we all know that sometimes coffee just is the answer!

When they launched this set I did ask Helikon-Tex about their grinder and confirmed with them that it was made of stainless steel with ceramic querns. I have asked them about replacement filter meshes for the french press but sadly they don’t sell any and have been unable to date to confirm if you can get compatible ones anywhere. If anyone has used a metal filter press for long enough you’ll know that the mesh (take Bodum as an example) will finally give away with continual use and cleaning’s.

Now I should point out that I consider James Hoffman the absolute guru when it comes to coffee videos and he posted a video review a bit ago on the old hand grinders. I’m hoping he’ll cover some more of the travel kit in the future as well.

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