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Helikon-Tex coffee goodness

by Arnie

Newly added to the Helikon-Tex lineup are a lovely set of coffee accessories. If you’ve ever played a weekend game or got up for that early skirmish site visit you’l know that instant coffee just doesn’t quite hit the spot. Working all hours of the day and night, I’ve tried just about every way to make a coffee short of grinding beans and soaking them through a sock. I’ve recently graduated to a minipresso that takes Nespresso capsules for out and about simply because it makes no mess (and I have a heap of pods around). That said it is hard to argue that fresh ground and filtered coffee provides the best taste on the move. Having used my own spice grinder and a portable press I can certainly vouch for the concept.

Their setup is (I hope) a burr spice style grinder, whilst the coffee cup is a very simple french press conversion of their original camp cup. Not cheap, but made well it will last a life of camping and coffee on the move. The grinder is stainless whilst the cups are anodised aluminium. I’ll touch base with Helikon Tex and see if they have any more details on their new items.

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