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Gunman Airsoft newsletter 16th June 2021

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Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Gunman Airsoft Newsletter 16/06/2021

Hey everyone, We hope you are keeping well and enjoying the rare warm weather.

It’s time once again for our monthly newsletter and we have a few updates for you from across the company.

Firstly we will be continuing with our £15 walk-on deposit bookings (You can do this through our website). Please be aware that the rental packages still require payment in full to secure the booking.

We also wanted to thank you for your patience while we dealt with a major loss of service on our website earlier in the month. The issue has now been rectified by the provider, and the website is back up and running.

We will however, be conducting essential maintenance on the website at around 2am on Thursday 17th June. This will last for a few hours but should be back up and running afterwards.

Now on to site news: 

At Tuddenham this month we have the return of the much requested “night games”. They will start  this Friday (18/06). We also have special guests Valkyrie Airsoft joining us on Saturday 26th. They are bringing lots of goodies as well as their Attack Sense targets for a little shooting competition.

July will mark the return of our filmsim games but with a twist.

These will now be called “Filmsim: Missions” and they are designed for people looking to get into our filmsim events, which are held at all our sites around the country. These game days will be one long scenario throughout the day with limited ammo and medic rules. They are designed to give you a taste of what filmsims are all about, and we are really excited for you to experience it.

Johnny and the team at Camp Alpha are once again preparing for an epic filmsim weekend, codenamed: “The Drop.”

Set in the near future players will fight over random resource drop locations in order to secure the most supplies for themselves. But be warned these supplies will not be left unguarded.

The kitchen at Alpha will also be reopening, serving their locally sourced burgers and a selection of cold drinks at lunch time.

Camp Bravo welcomes our sister company Filmsim.co.uk this weekend with the next chapter in their epic Vietnam series titled “Air Cav.”

Boston and the team are hard at work getting the site Nam-ified including the installation of a new sound system to pump out the Vietnam era tunes.

Spaces are still available so if you want to make the jump to Vietnam airsoft you can book at www.filmsim.co.uk and dive in.

The following weeks they will be back to their classic long weekends of airsoft; starting with their night games on Friday, followed by a whole weekend of skirmish action.

Finally our newest site – BattleLakes will return with Part 2 of their new filmsim series called “The Kladestine Coup” set after the events of Part.1. A civil war is brewing between the remaining commanders of the KLA (Kladestine Liberation Army); meanwhile, the remaining US special forces in country have confirmed something far worse…..

Join Val, Josh and the team to find out what.

In regards to our Covid restrictions –  these will of course remain in place until further notice after the recent announcement from Boris. Otherwise it is business as usual, but if you have any questions regarding this or anything to do with airsoft please get in contact. 

Finally to book any of the games mentioned above (excluding the Vietnam game) just head over to www.gunmanairsoft.co.uk.

That’s pretty much it for this month. 
Stay safe, look out for each other and we will see you in the field.

The Gunman Team

Gunman Airsoft

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