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by Arnie

1st-Target have got in touch and sent over news from them announcing their company and their products. I’ve just checked their website and they have a pretty comprehensive collection listed there. Here’s the full release from them:

1st-target, BB factory and worldwide distributor on the market!

We are only just starting our business and already a lot of new products will follow within the weeks to come, such as an entire Bio-degradable line. In addition to our Bio 0.20Gr and Bio 0.25Gr we will also be able to supply you with Bio 0.23Gr, Bio 0.28Gr, Bio 0.30Gr, 0.30Gr, 0.33Gr Regular and a full Bio Tracer product line very soon.

We are the ONLY High Quality BB brand in the world to have this much choice in Biodegradable BB’s.Our Bio BBs really are biodegradable unlike many other brands. On our website we have downloadable Bio resins sheets for you to study. We invested very large amounts in high-tech machinery and research to develop our BBs and make them affordable as well.

But also our regular BBs are very high grade and perfectly shaped to ensure you have the best BB product yet available! As we are airsofters ourselves, we have tested all types and brands of BBs available, from cheap Chinese to expensive Japanese brands, and we have invested that knowledge into our own product.1st-target BBs are not just BBs! They have special polymers, special coatings, high finished polished surfaces, are ultra smooth and we even added a special lubricant to maintain a perfect feeding of BBs at full auto modes and maintain the barrel and hopup!

1st-target are not just shoving boxes, we have our OWN molding factories, injection plants, distribution centers and licensed Lab technicians who will constantly stay up to date with the latest demands from airsofters around the world.

Watch our name! 1st-target! Tim, (1st-Target)

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