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VCR Bill update

by Arnie

The discussion over the VCR Bill and the issues it brings is still going on. Over at SaveAirsoft.org they are asking for real signatures rather than electronic ones, so do take a moment to download the sheet they have there to collect some signatures and send it back in to them.

Also in the same vein is an update from Steve over at Cybershooters. The reinactors and military vehicle collectors have realised that the bill as written may well apply to items such as vehicle mounted equipment on their classic (and newer) military vehicles.

Just a reminder that letters and visits to MPs are still needed to try and stop or more likely get some decent amendments to the Violent Crime Reduction Bill. One thing that was pointed out to me recently by a collector of military vehicles was that technically, he will be prohibited from selling his tank, which has a deactivated gun incorporated into the turret. Because no doubt it will be classed as a "realistic imitation firearm". There are various rumours floating around about proposed amendments to the Bill and various exemptions the Home Secretary may or may not make for certain purposes such as re-enactment, however, it’s certainly not going to hurt to tell your MP that you oppose this prohibition. Steve, (Cybershooters)

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