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by Arnie

Cathine over at G&P has sent in an email covering al the latest with them, which includes a series of new M14 accessories with more on the horizon (including a new G36 folding stock):

Hello Arnie,

We have release many new products!

GP442A M14 RAS Kit
GP442B M14 RAS Kit with Military Type 30mm Red Dot Sight
GP456 AK GP25 Grenade Launcher
GP457 6mm BB Grenade (18rds)

The following products are our new products and will release on around next month!!

GP443 M14 Barrel Top Cover (Carbon Black)
GP444 M14 Barrel Top Cover (Brown)
GP445 M14 Scouting Type Scope Mount Base
GP446 M14 Tactical Scope Mount Base
GP469 G36 Folding Buttstock

Best Regards, Cathine, (G&P)

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