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TLSFx to give away T5 NFDD at Copehill Down

by Arnie

Gareth at TLSFx wanted to let everyone know that they will giving away 10 of the latest TLSFx T5 NFDD Reusable Grenades at SFx Airsoft event at Copehill Down on the 15/16th May:

With SFx Airsoft’s Sector 36 at Copehill Down just around the corner, 15th-16th May 2010, TLSFx are pleased to offer 10 lucky people the new T5 NFDD grenades before they are available in store.


The T5 NFDD is a sleek modern looking device made from military grade Anodised Aluminium and Stainless Steel. The FOL (fly off lever) assembly has been designed to remain attached to the grenade, to reduce the likelihood of losing it. With only 4 parts to this revolutionary grenade, all the user has to do is replace the percussion cap and the cracker unit and it is ready to be used again. A T5 derivative is already in use with the police and military and will be available soon to airsofters. (TLSFx)

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