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Kanzen-Bearings.com launched

by Arnie

Kanzen Bearings (http://www.kanzen-bearings.com) are a brand new company providing a unique line of products to the Airsoft world. Their site launched this evening and, if you couldn’t guess from their company name, they currently specialise in supplying quality bearings/bearing-kits for AEGs and other electric Airsoft products (such as the Marui AEP line). As an aside if you’re into RC cars they also specifically cater for them in a different section of their site. Kanzen are, as far as I’m aware, the first in the world to make ceramic 7mm bearings sets for AEGs.

“KANZEN” is the Japanese meaning for “perfection” and “complete”.

Forged from passion, dedicated to serious amateurs and competitors alike, KANZEN are proud to present a complete lineup of AIRSOFT and RC Products.

Crafted using the finest materials, built to last and improve performances, our bearings kits are exclusively made from high quality carbon steel, while the SERIES-L Lineup includes ceramic components, achieving unsurpassed speed and durability.

In a world of compromises, some don’t. We don’t.

Widen your horizons, reach perfection. (Kanzen Bearings)

Checkout their site and have a look at their products. According to their texts they offer good shipping rates throughout the world, fast order processing and are happy to accept Paypal and Visa/Mastercard online.

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