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Gonzatron Inc. custom RAID BDUs

by Arnie

David (david3558 on the forums) has mailed over some details about a chap on eBay that makes customised RAID BDUs. Tony Gonzalez of Gonzatron Inc will make you your own custom BDUs to order with various options available. I’ve just had a look and they look rather good actually. The chap does have a good eBay rep too, so whilst that’s no guarantee of character it is as good as you get online these days. Do checkout their website:

I am pleased to inform you that Tony Gonzalez of Gonzatron Inc. has introduced to the airsoft and military community a cheaper way of getting your own customized RAID BDUs. These are available in many different patterns including but not limited too: Woodland, Desert, MARPAT, ACU, Tigerstripe, OD green, tan, black, and grey. He will also do custom work on your own BDUs if you send them in, and he will supply you with an incredible 3 year guarantee! My own set is in transit at the moment, and you will be pleased to see a review before the end of next month. The details are far too intricate too list over a simple news page or email, so please visit his site here.

I only host and review for him and spreading the news for him to the airsofter community. You can be assured of quality because he has 100% satisfaction on eBay.

I cannot answer your questions until I get my own set. In the meantime, please visit the site for some pictures and many details. These can be full blown RAID configuration or just simply a mod here and there.

For those who don’t know what RAID is, it is the predecessor to the current issue Army Advance Combat Uniform (ACU). Sometimes referred to as the Close Combat Uniform or RAID Uniform. However ACU layout is only available in ACUPAT, the strange grey camoflauge.

Thanks for your time.
David (aka david3558)

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