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New NAM DVD and forum competition

by Arnie

Okay two new bits to add up for the guys at NAM, first there’s a new DVD out from them, entitled "OPERATION: BIOHAZARD II DVD"

October 23, 2005…

TROCAR Chemicals, Inc., under the
close supervision of the CIA’s
Biological Warfare Department,
resumed environmental impact
experiments of their deadly.

R.I.P. virus &

Testing was conducted deep within the
hills of the small town of San Juan
Bautista, California.

This is a digital record of events
which transpired on that chilled
autumn day.

Get “infected” today. (National Airsoft Magazine)

In other news from them they are running a competition in our forums to win a free copy of the DVD shown above:

We’re giving away a free OPERATION: BIOHAZARD II DVD and all you have to do is be the first to answer the winning question.

1) Find the “RED” theNAMmagazine post.
2) Be the first to post the correct answer.
3) If you win, email your address to: theNAMmagazine@aol.com
4) Sit back and wait as your DVD will ship the same day!
5) Pop it into your DVD player and enjoy!

Here’s the topic link.

Visit us on the web. (National Airsoft Magazine)

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