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Airsoft Dynamics – closed and in hiding

by Arnie

I thought a quick post was in order, concerning Airsoft Dynamics (AD) and their apparent lack of communication since the start of this year. In short it’s pretty clear that despite any official word AD are history; the staff and shop have disappeared.

From a couple of conversations I’ve had it’s clear that the guys behind AD are still alive and kicking, reading material and customer complaints that have been posted online in the forums here and elsewhere. I understand that the premises that they used to occupy are empty and vacant, and that this was a planned closure. The staff have effectively gone into hiding, not posting on any of the forums.

As far as I know AD’s website is still taking/processing orders at the moment, and given that the staff for the company have vanished the only real recommendation that can be made at this time is not to place orders until the current state of affairs changes and to pass the word on to your friends.

My understanding is that AD were registered as a sole trader with Paul Jones as the listed owner whilst they were operational. I would urge all that are owned money or goods to exchange details and get organised to recover what they can right now. Whilst it may well not be possible to get a full refund for goods not delivered, you can at least be hopeful that any of your equipment that you sent in to AD for repair/upgrade still exists and hopefully hasn’t been thrown in the nearest skip. Given that the shop has been closed should you wish to speak to them your only course of action would be to politely attempt to contact the shop’s owner(s) at their home address. It’s also probably worthwhile making contact with the nearest Police department to AD to ask for help. In short.. get off your behinds now and do something together before it’s too late.

Anyone from AD (Paul, James, or Yuki) are welcome to place a post on the forums to correct any of the above text. It is sad to see this chosen course from staff that are/were much liked players in the UK Airsoft scene.

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