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AirsoftRadio now live

by Arnie

Lance at AirsoftRadio.com has dropped in an email to say that their site is now live and that there’s already some shots to grab. There are podcasts that you can subscribe to if you’re an iPod/iTunes user. Here’s the news from him:

I’m Lance from AirsoftRadio.com. I’ve been into Airsoft for a long,
long time. Some of you may have heard of me or my show before, some of
you may not. AirsoftRadio.com started in January of 2004, and
unfortunately we had to stop the show for a while. But we are back on
the Internet again.

We are advertisement free, we finance our own show, and we truly speak
freely about everything having to do with Airsoft. We have worldwide
distribution on the Internet, and even before people knew what
Podcasting was we were getting thousands of downloads per month (which
continued even after we stopped producing new shows). Since we have
worldwide distribution, we take on a huge subject: the international
Airsoft scene. We include all countries, and all topics.

I don’t like sending out e-mail to large numbers of people at a time,
I’d love to register on every web forum and introduce myself. But time
has always been the limiting factor in our show. So if you are
interested in our show, we would very much appreciate some type of
mention on your website. We are rebuilding our website, so if you are
interested in a link exchange then we’ll have that up soon. As much as
I’d like to pay for advertisements, we don’t make money on our show. We
only create the shows because we are passionate about Airsoft. So if
you would do us the honor of mentioning us, we would really appreciate

You are all very different organizations, yet are linked by one
thing–you thoroughly enjoy Airsoft. Our new show is going to be
greatly improved over our old show, and we would like to include
interviews with groups and companies doing interesting things with
Airsoft. I’m fascinated by what I’ve seen on some of your websites. If
you are doing something interesting with Airsoft and want to do an
interview on our show, contact me and we’ll set up a meeting. We’ll pay
for the phone call, so all it will cost you is your time, and you will
get worldwide attention to your organization. We archive all our old
shows, so your interview will never go away. And since we do not accept
advertising you are free to talk about whatever you want, we believe in
free speech.

I truly want to hear from people all over the world, I want to know what
you are doing where you live, and I think the rest of the world wants to
know also. I don’t think most people understand how big Airsoft really

If you want to know what we are all about, check out our show. And if
you used to listen to us in the past, I hope you’ll come back and try us
again. Lance (AirsoftRadio.com)

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