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ASC7 in at Steelhawk Airsoft

by Arnie

Steelhawk Airsoft have the new ASC Airsoft Claymore in stock a tthe moment, ready for shipping.

For those not in the USA the claymores are made by Supercell Development should you wish to locate a supplier closer to yourselves. The ASC7 is a revised model, and the specs from their website are given as:

Durability: Now with new Injection Molded Plastic Casing and all metal workings.
Power Source: Spring Powered. NO gas. NO explosives.
Lightweight: Weighs 2 lbs.
Dimensions: 8 1/2″ L x 2″ W x 3 3/4″ H – Exactly the same as a real claymore.
Set up: Can be set up in the field in less than a minute
Inexpensive: Reusable. Can use damaged, odd shaped or recycled BBs. No gas to buy.
Safety: Uses NO explosives. Consistent velocities. Tested at point blank range. Sealed Goggles Required.

Firing Method ASC7-CD: Trip wire and Electronic Command Detonation. Electronic Detonation by wired or wireless remote.

The ASC7 tripwire mechanism is designed to release the tripwire from the ASC7. This is to prevent the tripwire from actually causing people to trip. The ASC7-CD does NOT come with a tripwire. Any kind of string or wire should work.

The Airsoft Claymore is activated either by a Command Detonator (uses 1 – 9v battery, not included) and/or a traditional trip wire. This reuseable BB mine will use BBs of any size and weight. They can even be “recycled” BBs. We like cheap .12g BBs because they really fly. The charge can be up to 200+ BBs, but 25 to 50 BBs provide good coverage. Spring powered, it uses no explosives, no gas or electricity and can be used over and over again, even in the same game. It weighs only 2 lbs and is the exact size as the real Claymore. It will cover a 30 to 45 degree arc and projects .2g BBs over 40 feet. Use this realistic device to provide the ultimate in protection for your sniper position or squad when you are dug in deep. Includes easy to follow instructions on loading and using the Airsoft Claymore. Use eye protection when loading and using this device. The ultimate squad protection for the price of a few bags of BBs.

When loaded with common baking flour or talc, they make an effective reuseable training tool when training for work on IEDs. We have sold many of these to various local and federal government agencies for training devices. If you are a bonafide government agency, email info@steelhawkairsoft.com for special pricing. (Steelhawk Airsoft / Supercell Development)

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